An Introduction to Locksmithing

emergency-locksmithWhy are locksmiths important? Can’t an ordinary homeowner, entrepreneur or car owner take care of his own property, buying and installing locks or locking security systems? Can’t a DIY be good enough?

Locks vary from sizes and shapes. You can opt for the most basic to electronic locks to the highly advanced security systems that require fingerprint or retinal scanning, codes and others. These locks should be enough to secure your home, business or car. However, their purposes will be defeated if they are not properly installed or if you buy locks that are substandard. This is why locksmiths are in demand.

Locksmiths are skilled in installing locks, as well as in choosing which types will work best in your property. Because they are committed in their profession, expert locksmiths only use high quality locks to be able to meet insurance requirements and more important, to protect inhabitants and properties. They do not only focus on doors (front, back, garage and others), but also on windows, cabinets and safes. They can also be referred to as general security professionals because they can offer you advice on home security. You can ask them to evaluate your current security system and they will honestly inform you what your home, office or car needs to improve its security level. They can advise you to use access control systems instead of ordinary locks, CCTV, alarm systems and others.

You can find locksmiths in shops. Some work alone (freelance) while others work in an organization. For security purposes, you can hire those that are located in shops or those that work in reputable companies because you can be sure that they are licensed, insured and bonded.

Typical Costs of Locksmith Services

When in home, office or car lockout situation and you need a locksmith technician to come to you the rate is dependent on your location, job requirement and time of the day (because some call for emergency locksmith service). The cost ranges from $35 to $150. Locksmith services provided during evenings, weekends or holidays may cost higher, from $150 to $250, particularly if you are located in a remote area and if the job entails long hours of work. Lockout service rates are different from lock replacement or rekeying.

If you will need a duplicate for standard key, locksmiths typically charge $1 to $4. You may spend from $3 to $20 or even higher if you lost a specialized key and you need to have it replaced. If your lost key concerns are about your car key, electronic or transponder, it can cost you from $50 to $175.

Home door rekey service, which means the locksmith has to go to your place, expect to spend anywhere from $40 to $100; this is aside from the lock cylinder that will cost you about $5 to $25. If new lock installation is required, minimum fee is from $40 to $100, plus $20 to $30 labor charge for each lock.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    It’s good to know that I can call a locksmith if I ever get locked out of my car and that it would cost around $35 to $150, and that it could actually go up to $250 depending on your location and the complication of the work. I remember I was locked out of my car once a few months ago, and I had to call the police to help me because I had a dog inside my car. Because of your article, I’ll start to look for a reputable auto lockouts services in the city so I can save their number. In that way, I know who to call when I get locked don’t of my car again.

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