4 Services You Didn’t Know Locksmiths Offer

What do you think of when you picture a locksmith? Maybe you remember when you had an extra key made, or the time you got locked out of the house, but your local locksmith likely offers a host of other useful services you never knew about.

You may not know it now, but your local locksmith is one of the best resources in your community for protecting you and your family. If you take the security of your home, business or vehicle seriously, read on to see how you can take advantage of these different services.

1. Window Locks

It’s just as important to securely lock your windows as it is to lock your doors. Perhaps because they do not usually require keys, window locks are not often related to locksmiths but in reality any professional locksmith should offer a wide variety of reliable window locks ready for installation.

You can also count on a locksmith to repair and service your existing window locks. If your home is older and the locks are no longer viable, a locksmith is your greatest resource for advice and replacements. Go to if you’re interested in optimizing your home’s security.

2. Automotive Services

Did you know a locksmith can help you retrieve keys locked in your vehicle? Locksmiths will safely open your car or grant you access to your keys with professional tools and experience. Never try to break into your own car to retrieve your keys as you may end up with expensive repair bills.

If you have a newer model car, automotive locksmiths will be able to program a duplicate or replacement key for you. Recent advances in security technology mean you can no longer simply cut a new key for your vehicle, so trust the expertise of a locksmith to secure your extras or replacements.

3. Smart Locks

Smart locks are arguably the future of home security and has already become a standard in many businesses. Using an authorized device such as your smart phone you can manipulate the locks and other electronic security devices (like alarms) around your residence. This eliminates the chance someone could enter your house using a stolen or duplicate key. You can also change your locks digitally without having to install all new hardware.

Your locksmith will be able to guide you through the process of picking the right smart lock for your home, installing the locks and servicing your needs after your locks are in place. If you’re modernizing your home for efficiency, smart locks are a must.

4. Security Safe Services

If you require a security safe for important documents or other valuables, your local locksmith should be your ultimate resource. Most locksmiths will not only be able to advise your ultimate safe purchase, but will perform the installation as well. The installation of a home security case is very important, as it must be set in a place it cannot be carried away or in some cases must remain unseen.

Of course, if you’ve lost access to your safe, a locksmith will be able to open it for the rightful owner. Locksmiths can also repair damaged safes of all kinds.

Who can use a locksmith?

Buying a new home is one of the best times to contact your locksmith; you’ll need to replace all the entry locks. As you’ve seen in this article, however, just about anyone can use one or all of a locksmith’s services to be more proactive about their security.

Don’t be the person who has to call a locksmith after something unfortunate has happened- get in touch today to start making a comprehensive security plan for you and your family.

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