What the future world will look like with new tech?

Technology has immense power and it can do many things. It can change the world. You are living in a world where technology and science can help you and make your lives much easier and you can rethink the methods in your daily lives. You are exposed to a technology where you have paved the path that you can improve and innovate. The list of future, as well as current technologies, have the ability to change lives.

More surveillance

Digital monitoring will become easier and cheaper each year and there will no reason why corporations and governments shall stop looking at you until and unless they are forced for that. You will see the same kind of social scoring and public surveillance there are in China though it will be more advanced, however, people will be able to do anything to control it.

First Libertarian

The biggest hindrance to creating a new free state is a shortage of free land. The land is in the hands of the government for a long time and governments do not want to give back the land even if people want to purchase it.

Future technologies shall permit people to create artificial landmasses and islands cheaply. This will create places where citizens can settle down. Another obstacle to creating a new country is the lack of funds and security for a large army. Because of robotization, a country will have high Artificial Intelligence controlled arsenal, which will be able to withstand the army of a different country.

Bitcoin, the main currency

Many economists think that Bitcoin shall take over FIAT post-global economic crisis. This is predicted to happen within 2 or 3 years only. Whether this will happen within the next 3 years is uncertain but one thing is surely going to happen within 10 or 20 years. By 2050, people shall think that government-issued money belongs to the 20th century period. Together with other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin will survive as the main currency. Many companies have started to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as methods of payment for playingpoker online, subscribing to VPN services, and a wide range of other services.

High-rise farms

As the Earth population continues to grow, living space shall shrink not just for humans but for plants and animals too. People will see a future wherein there will be technology for farmland. Farmland will grow in unusual places. High-rise farms will be there in the middle of the city.

Robots in the workplace and space

NASA is sending robots into space of different sizes and shapes. With the progress made in technology, robots will not have to think about oxygen or food because they will be packed with sensors and will send data to Earth.

The same thing will apply in the workplace. Robots will take on dangerous, more difficult, and dull jobs for saving mankind from risk and trouble. They can operate theoretically more efficiently, quickly, and with very few mistakes.

Self-driving cars and electric vehicles

Electric cars are not new. They are on the roads and they are becoming better. Car batteries last longer. There is a growth in charging station and self-driving technology. A day will come when people will be able to drive cars hands-free. You do not have to commute yourself to work. You can take a nap, relax and let your vehicle do all your work.

Roads over rivers

Space is limited and space is running out rapidly, particularly in urban places. It shows that in future roads will be there over the waters. If self-driving vehicles will be able to drive, then journeys across an ocean will not be unrealistic.

Sonar panel technology

Solar panels are technologies that are around for quite some time but their potential is very huge. Solar panels can be hidden in the roof tiles. There are a few companies that are developing ways to integrate solar panels into car roofs. This way, you power cars and make your battery last for a longer time.

Augmented Reality

Ar or Augmented Reality has great potential. It is there for quite some time as apps. They provide information and are different from VD as it overlays information instead of putting into virtual reality.

Companies are experimenting with using virtual reality as well as augmented reality devices. They are used in different ways such as visual blueprint presentations, virtual team meetings, or virtual scale models.

Wearable screens

You may dream of foldable screens and phones; however, the future may be screenless. There are several touch-based projector devices and the future may need a device that you can wear or have in your pocket.

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