Technologies that will Enhance Internet in 2018

egrtghrthrheyrEven though 2017 was an eventful year in digital transformation, what changes we expect in technology in 2018 will be many and growing. Having just entered 2018, what’s ahead in digital transformation we can look forward to tech developments and trends that the year may bring. In 2018, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning are just some of the trends that may help shape technology this year.

So what tech trends can we predict in 2018?

Let’s find out below.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is here to stay. It’s just the start. According to an estimate around 8.4 billion “Things” are on the internet today, up more than 30% just a year ago. However, IoT alone is just the start. What we do with these things is what matters. Analytics revolution, edge computing, and 5G cell with IoT at their core will be the trend in 2018. It is predicted that up to 40% of all computing will occur at the edge in the next couple of years. So, if you love IoT, spectrum internet have bundles for everyone and every budget.

Analytics are Everything

The colossal amount of information created by the IoT will revolutionize everything from manufacturing and healthcare to how entire cities will function allowing them to work more efficiently and profitably. That same kind of efficiency will be seen in almost every industry even retail. Microsoft, IBM, SAS and SAP are all investing more specifically in IoT Analytics to bring new business insights across a range of industries and applications.

Edge Computing – The New Cloud

Just when we were moving toward cloud computing, there’s another kind of computing that’s jumping to the forefront of business – edge computing. Driven by sheer volume and speed of information produced by the IoT, industry leaders such as Cisco and HPE are creating hardware, software, and service towards this trend. Sending data to the cloud will become redundant. As AI devices such as smart drones, autonomous vehicles, and others, which need real-time processing, will force edge computing to become the only feasible option. But, although edge will be the choice for processing real-time data, the most important and relevant data will still be saved on the cloud.

Hello 5G!

With the amount of data produced by the IoT, mobile providers will also have to become faster than ever and go toward 5G. It won’t happen immediately, and will probably not work too well throughout the coming year. Samsung and Sony are the Gigabit LTE leaders. At the moment Today much of the Gigabit LTE movement is being powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon technology is powering Gigabit LTE, but soon others will certainly join this rapid growth market for mobile.

More Intelligent Apps

Experts foresee an increase in apps to repurpose content across multiple platforms. In 2017, many apps photo editing apps came with filters and great features. It is perceived that in 2018, creating advanced videos will become an even more simplified process on the phone.

First Bitcoin, Now Blockchain

Just like Bitcoin earlier, Blockchain will find its place in 2018. Surveys show that as of February this year, blockchain was the second top search term on its website, increasing 400% in just only one year. Not only the financial industry but healthcare, entertainment, hospitality and others, will make use of it. The move may come later this year. It’s estimated that only 20% of global trade will use it by 2020.

AI Goes Mainstream:

In everything from customer service and robotics to analytics and marketing, companies will continue to use AI to connect and communicate with their customers. Faster, cheaper, and smarter automation from emails and content generation to industrial manufacturing will become the norm. IBM Watson, SAP Leonardo, Salesforce Einstein and other major software companies have embedded AI right into their platforms – a sign of what is to come.

Move over VR, AR is here to stay!

VR is going to go out of style. But only for now as it’s cheaper and easier to use because, with 3-D technology, companies can train, pitch, and envision new products without the expense of VR. This isn’t to say we won’t see VR, just not in 2018.

Failure will become a Service?

Failing fast a key element of success today’s digital environment. Failure-as-a-Service (FaaS) will provide visualization, rapid prototyping, and other fast fail methods that companies can use to strategize for fast success. Although speculative “Failure-as-a-service” is the ability to quickly move on when something isn’t working and will mean the difference between the winners and losers, digitally speaking.

Change is Good

Companies that find it hard to embrace digital transformation will struggle even harder in 2018 as the pace of change continues to increase. As new technologies continue to grow, companies will have to move toward growth – fast!

Embracing Digital Transformation

Companies will realize that digital transformation will become imperative in 2018. Lags in business will continue the next few years, and companies unprepared for such occurrences will go under very rapidly.

All the technologies that we’ve talked about will create a huge change that simply cannot be resisted. Companies poised for success in 2018 will be the ones that have grown with the flow. There will be other trends but at the moment the ones above are enough to bring about a massive digital transformation.

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