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10 Amazing Tips to Make Most of Your Ecommerce Website

Everybody must have gone through an eCommerce website now. After all it has become one of the easiest and quickest ways of shopping today. Designing an eCommerce website is easy but designing an effective and quality eCommerce website needs some special tricks and skills.

Are you planning to design an eCommerce platform for your clients? That sounds great. But do you have any idea how you can move further with your idea? Do you know any Web designing firm that will ensure you an effective eCommerce website or do you have any web designer in your circle or contact to discuss the major requirements for setting up an eCommerce platform for making your business more effective and fruitful.

ecommerceI know that you are a business person but it is not necessary that you have mastered everything. It is not your fault if you do not know the trend about eCommerce website. You have lots and lots of other work to do. In this post we will be discussing some very basic and general points that make your eCommerce platform a successful one. It is okay if you do not know much, at least go through the post and get some idea about the things. Later on make your website designer read this post and ask him/her to keep these points in mind for designing an error-free and productive eCommerce website.

Let's move on to the useful tips:

  1. Search Bar Should Be In Easy Reach
    Well, search bar is the most crucial part of your eCommerce website. People brows a little but ultimately reach to the search bar and type in their desired products. So always keep the search bar on the top of your website so that customers do not have to search for the search bar for searching their desired products.Actually using a search bar for finding the thing you want becomes easier and it takes you directly to the particular things you are looking for. But if you have some free time to spend and want to look for more browsing is always an option to go for.
  2. If Items Are Not In Stock, Make It Clear
    It is good to have a long list of items on your shopping cart but if you are short of stock then make it clear on the website. Either removes the product from the cart or if you don't want to remove it then you can simply put a banner on it saying ‘out of stock'. Keeping products on your shopping cart is good from SEO perspective but this will impact your reputation. This will lead to angry customers and you emailing them about cancelling their order. That does not look nice and is not at all professional when you are only present online for helping your customers.
  3. Use Good Quality Pictures Only
    Pictures! Yes images on your shopping cart define the quality of the product that you are selling. It is the images that attract the users first and then they look into the descriptions and details of the items. So if you are using good quality pictures means you are going to get more customers but bad images could result in opposite reaction of the customers.It is okay if you are using images that are processed under Photoshop for making them beautiful and attractive to look. This is business and you have to grab your visitors and have to convert them into your customers. So a little bit of modifications are allowed.
  4. Make Your Shopping Cart Noticeable
    Now the modern online shoppers do not want to go straight to their basket page if they add any item. Therefore design your website in such a way that the basket should be visible on every single page. Many web designers make use of side bars for this but I find this as a clog valuable promotion area.Your basket should contain much more than only describing the number of items in it. Use thumbnails of the products for making the basket more lively and spacious.
  5. Keep Navigation Of Your Site Easy
    If you deal in with a large number of products there is a very positive chance of flaunting your products by making a number of category sections. However you can use fly out or the super menus for an effective way for keeping your page from getting jumbled or messy. This will also provide more easy accessibility throughout your website.Keep your super menus short and easy. If you are gain elaborating the things you are making things weird and difficult for people as well as for you. Making use of breadcrumbs is also one of the good methods for making your site a smoother experience for your user.
  6. Keep SEO in Mind
    SEO is helpful for designing your eCommerce website. A well optimized website can only attract your customers and visitors using the exact keywords and phrases. If not then only a PPC campaign is a solution for attracting your customers. Always be careful with using H1 and H2 tags. They play a significant role in designing your shopping cart.
  7. Introduce Social Media To Your Website
    Who does not know the power of social media? Twitter, Facebook and various other social networking websites are playing a significant role in making your business reach the top. The more you are active on social media the more you are active with your customers. Daily updates, likes, dislikes, comments, blogs etc. are some parts of a simple social media marketing campaign. So share your pics, go global and reach the world in almost no time. This is really amazing.
  8. Offer your users with quick product review
    Visitors who visit your website hunt for the product reviews before they make any purchase. Whenever you have any new product on your website try to add its review as quick as possible in order to make your visitors sure that the products and trustworthy and you can buy them for yourselves.
  9. Keep Your Product Page Very Neat And Clean
    It is important to keep your product page very neat and clean in order to keep the things stable. It always leaves a good impression on your customers when you have a highly managed website. Who won't like buying things from a website which is well-organized, properly managed and is offering good products and services.
  10. Display Testimonials
    If you have satisfactory clients and are maintaining long-term relations with them then ask them to write testimonials for you. Display those testimonials on your website making your visitors believe you about your products and services.

So these are some crucial points that you have to keep in mind for designing a wonderful and successful eCommerce website for representing your business to the online world. When things are clear and you know what and how to do, the chances of facing failure almost reduce to half. Rest of the half chances you remove with your efforts.

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