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7 New Website Design Trends That You Should Implement

Technology has been advancing in many sectors and website design/development is enjoying its fair share of technology development too. This article discusses a few new trends in web development that have become a common practice and you need to let your website and web development companies join the bandwagon if you must be at par with your competitors.

Before listing out the new trends, it is necessary to remind you that they are all geared towards giving users great experience. So, without further ado, here are some of the new web design trends that your website and web development companies should copy.

1. Use of Artificial Intelligence chat bots on websites

Nothing impresses potential buyers more than getting an instant response to their inquiries. Remember, more customers now do some research online before making any purchase. So, if a potential buyer sends the same inquiries to three different companies offering the product of interest, don’t you think she is more likely to purchase from the first company to respond?

This is why quick response is important. Before now, customers were ready to wait for 24 hours before getting a response to their email but they have become even more impatient now and 24 hours now sounds like 1 week. 24 hours no longer cuts it. They need a response in less than 5 minutes. This is why chat bots now man several websites.

Your website and web development companies can also integrate chat bot on your website. You will create a database of answers to likely questions about your business and link the bot to the answers. That way, the bot can be able to chat with visitors on your site. In a situation where a visitor asks a question that your chat bot does not have an answer to, it will present a number for him to call. In addition, the chat bot will also send the question to your team so that they can update its database with the answer to the question. It is necessary to get your website and web development companies to implement this before you begin to lose sales opportunities to your competitors.

2. Use of video animations

Another trend that is becoming a norm is the use of motion graphics on websites. Many websites now have short animations on them. This is probably because animations attract viewers more than ordinary text and pictures put together. Animations also pass more messages. Most importantly, Google loves animations and rank websites with relevant video animations higher than websites without them.

It is necessary to ensure that your website and web development companies implement this too. Competitors that have adopted this strategy are already ahead of you. Prospects are more likely to view animations than read text because they are more entertaining and they require less mental efforts.

3. Voice search optimization

The voice command technology pioneered by Amazon’s Alexa is growing fast and more people are latching on to the technology since it makes things easier for them. Besides, a reliable report revealed that half of the online searches will be voice searches by the end of 2020. So, are your website and web development companies getting your website ready for voice searches? Many websites are already optimized for it.

4. A lot of white spaces

If you are not so observant, you won’t observe that many new websites appear with a lot of white spaces. This is actually deliberate and many websites are now being redesigned to have plenty of white spaces. The advantage is that it makes the text on it bolder, clearer and more legible. While the average screen size of most of the smartphones produced now is 5 – 6 inches, many people still use phones with a 4-inch screen. This category of people will appreciate websites with a whole lot of white spaces more.

5. Vertical content alignment

Over 60% of internet users actually access it from mobile devices so, mobile-friendliness is a must. Websites now have their content in vertical alignment so visitors will just have to keep scrolling up or down. They won’t need to scroll left or right. Long before now, people didn’t like to scroll so much but the fluidity of smartphone OS coupled with the touchscreen technology makes scrolling easier and more pleasurable. So, customers are now more willing to scroll only one way (up/down). Facebook is one of the first organizations to notice and implement the trend.

6. Seamless mobile app-website transition

Some companies have a very complex website with numerous web pages and user interfaces. This kind of website cannot be turned into a mobile app except if several features are cut off. Instead of that, the websites have features that will make it easy for users to automatically transition from their mobile to their website and back. Their website loads very fast and it is very mobile-friendly. So, some users don’t notice the transitions.

7. Regular website makeover

Organizations rebrand their logos, images, and products to attract new customers. Due to how effective rebranding has been, some organizations have decided to give their website a makeover to offer a new look to the users. This usually gets visitors excited. When last did you change the entire look of your website? If it is up to 2 years ago, your website probably needs a makeover. Give it a facelift and make the redesign a periodic affair – say every3 years.

To quickly summarize the whole article, some of the new web design trends that you should emulate are use of chat bots, use of animations, voice search optimization, lavish use of white spaces, vertical content alignment, seamless mobile app-website transition, and periodic website makeover. Don’t wait until you start losing customers before you implement them.

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