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Drive Customer Loyalty for Your Online Store through Responsive Web Design

credit-card-onlineBefore a decade, desktop was the sole medium of internet accessibility. As time is passing, the number of devices, platforms and browsers needed to work growing at a faster pace.

We frequently get exposed to new mobile device everyday with its main functions, applications and internet. In this epoch of mobile devices you can take an edge over the competitors by stealing the opportunities.

Grow your ecommerce business by selling your products on these mobile platforms.

You should customize your website to fit completely into the screen size of the mobile device, that is, make it responsive because facts say that:

  • 61% of customers express their views that, they would quickly switch over to another website if they encounter any non-friendly mobile experience
  • 62% of the consumers said that experience is the factor that drives them to recommend a brand

What is responsive design?

In a primary language, Responsive web design is a website design technique that makes your customers to get an easier view of your website over mobile devices like laptops, Smartphone, tablets , iPad, iPhone, Blackberry etc. This helps your customers to view your website without the limitation of screen size.

On your perspective it helps you to have one single website, adapting to every mobile device and setting you free of creating multiple websites to fit the screen size of various mobile devices.

Why responsive design is a must?

People often view some websites from desktop, read their content, watch videos while at work .They may switch again to that website through their mobile devices during lunch time. If they are unable to navigate your website they would move out from your website without making a purchase.

You should project your business in front of your consumers and drag them a step ahead.

How responsive web design drives customer loyalty?

1) It enhances user experience

Being an online retailer you may not have the idea as to what device is your customer using to access your website. You also do not know that whether your customer is travelling in a bus or in a washroom, or is lying over his bed and trying different ecommerce website to try make a purchase of some products.

Do not try to gather these information, rather provide each of them full satisfactory, unified, simple and easy to read experience with your ecommerce website, wherever they may be and with whatever device because

61% of customers express their views that they would quickly switch over to another website if they encounter any non-friendly mobile experience

To avoid the above situation and provide them a responsive ecommerce website and engage them to increase the time they spent on your website.


  • Do not commit any actions that leads to miss purchases from your store
  • Do not make them shift towards your competitor

2) It promotes brand recommendations

62% of the consumers said that experience is the factor that drives them to recommend a brand

As stated above, the fact that user experience is the major factor behind brand recommendation and enforcement of customer loyalty has been revealed.

If you make your ecommerce website responsive, this means you have won half of the battle.

Impact your customers with positive experience on your website to increase chances of their return. Encourage more customers to come up with friends, family and other recommendations, if their experience is good.

Once they return show them the valuable and functions of your product. Convert them to loyal customers and initiate repeated purchases.


Increase your reach, potential customer base, product recommendations and purchases.

3) It increases competitive edge

Responsive design is still not a popular practice to all competitors. They may not have implemented it on their website. So you should implement it as soon as possible.

Keep an eye over your competitors and take advantage of their weakness. Make your customers more loyal.


Increase your market share and maintain it at a constant rate by increasing your leads.

Make your online store more than a shoppers' stop. Make a responsive ecommerce website and use it as a customer loyalty machine.

Deliver a superb experience which brings you fruit in the form of customers. You should spent your valuable money, time, effort to attract the customer's attention. Ensure that they not only make a purchase but repeat the process. Also keep a watch that they increase the amount of purchase every time so that you can increase the money in your pocket.

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