The Integration of AI with IoT & the Possibilities It Withholds

EGFDGFDGVSDAmazing new possibilities awaits us all on a global platform in the coming years, thanks to AI’s further development and IoT becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses. However what remains to be seen is the undeniable collaboration of both new and developing technologies to interact and integrate with each other on a more intrinsic level. This will bring about astounding new opportunities for development and would irrevocably transform the current ecosystem into something totally brand new and unprecedented. Here are some of the most revered possibilities of what the future might hold for AI and IoT devices working collaboratively in a strictly controlled and monitored the environment with little to no human intervention:

Smart Buildings

With IoT we all have experienced the comfort it brings to our daily lives, through reliable products that seldom fail to deliver the utilities we prefer, unless it is time to change their batteries. However, if you throw AI into the mix, then we are talking about a new Mesh Technology that can alter the way we live in apartments, homes, our humble abodes. Talk about security, safety, comfort, and the occupants controlling and monitoring an entire building and its ecosystem through Digital Direct Controls (DDC). The idea itself is mouth-watering for geeks and nerds alone.

Traffic Control

Tesla has the nerve to deliver technology even if the world is not ready for it, and with the idea of smart cars, comes Car to Car Communication. Consider this, all the traffic jams we have ever witnessed or have had the unfortunate event of being stuck into can entirely be minimized to almost non-occurring. Wouldn’t it be great to have a smooth sailing from home to work, and then back to home? AI can make this come true and when you throw in Augmented Reality Dashboards with Virtual reality maps in the puzzle, everything seems like a ‘doozy’ even for the most avid fans of Back to the Future series.

Connected Homes & Offices

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to the most of us that Pareteum Corporation, leading mobile network services, and software provider has been awarded a 3-year project in the United Kingdom. This is due to the fact that cloud networking has achieved a favorable response from the majority of users worldwide and governments would now like to expand on its further deployment into our very homes and offices. The company would work to deliver a global cloud platform that would then later help in creating as to what we can commonly say: “Connected Homes and Offices.”

Wearable Technology

While people may consider the Apple’s SmartWatch series a bit too much, and other healthcare gears not for everyone, things are going to change with multiple applications of AI in your wardrobe as well. IoT and AI integration will eventually lead towards tons of new wearable technology that will offer cheap to acquire but effective in use features which no one could say ‘no’ to. From footwear to bands and watches, we expect smart wearable to become the next big fashion trend in coming ages.

Business to Gather More Insights

The world of opportunities await businesses which would simply not wait to deploy the use of AI and IoT devices in order to acquire further insights from consumers and customers. Talk about innovative customer touch points for a new form of technology that is smartly able to figure out your motives and derive extrinsic values of you purchasing a product or selecting a service. This will lead to newer forms of branding with businesses becoming profoundly eager to interact with their prospects never heard or thought off before.

The superhuman capabilities of machine learning and the never-ending possibilities of deploying smart technologies is simply overwhelming to consider. We hope this post has been helpful in offering you a brief overlook of what to expect in the future once these technologies merge with one another on a global platform. If you have any further queries regarding the topic and would like to add more to the subject, please feel free to comment your thoughts in the section below. For now, we leave you with Daft Punk’s hit song lyrics “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger – More than ever, Hour after hour, Work is never over.”

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