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The Best Fashion & Beauty Apps for Android Phones

No one will argue that in today's world fashion and beauty mean a lot. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars to build a perfect style and get in shape. But why shall you pay for what you can get for $0? There are so many great, absolutely free (or extremely cheap) fashion and beauty Android apps on the market that I can't help but share some of them with you :). Don't hesitate to turn your smartphone into a fashion center and beauty SPA with these insanely great Android apps:

1. Pose


This great application allows you to dive into the world of the most reputable trend setters. Install it to get the most popular latest looks to see what to wear. This smart tool welcomes you with a quiz to understand better your preferences and style in order to generate the most relevant pieces of news for your consideration. With Pose app you can:

  • See what celebrities, models, fashion designers and top bloggers are wearing right now.
  • Follow the personalities whose style you'd like to adopt.
  • Share your favorite outfits pics and other media with your friends.

2. Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips


This is the optimal destination for both novice beauty enthusiasts and professional beauty artists. This handy app is literally loaded with great functions allowing you to implement any beauty changes you want and also get some inspiration for your future projects:

  • Beauty products reviews: read what experts and customers say about certain products you're about to buy.
  • Beauty pictures spotlighting the latest trends in nail design, make up, bridal looks, etc.
  • Step-by-step tuts on how to make ultra modern braids and hair styles including professional comments.
  • Personal profile allowing you to stay in touch with other Beautylish users.

3. Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

Everything you need to know about how to preserve your natural attractiveness you will find in this versatile application. This application has an enormous database of surefire tips on:

  • How to combat aging through nutrition.
  • How to boost energy levels through exercising.
  • How to produce organic cleansers and anti-wrinkles solutions.
  • How to cope with stress quickly and many more healthy tips.

4. Beauty Camera

Beauty Camera

This is a real godsend for those who dream to have great looks on photographs. In fact, it works as a simple photo editor that allows you to edit your pictures instantly. With Beauty Camera you can:

  • Snap new pics or use a ready one.
  • Compare edited and ‘raw' photos.
  • Adjust brightness, remove spots, smooth the skin.
  • Share the pics with your friends.

5. Beauty Care

Beauty Care

This app is powered by a collection of homemade beauty tips. These encompass detailed recipes for hair, nail, face and body care. With this app you can:

  • Send your favorite recipes to your friends.
  • Adjust the recipes.
  • Share your own secret beauty recipe.

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  1. Natural beauty tips is my favorite application. I am using this one very often, since I am trying to convert from chemical based products on natural only!

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