Live Streaming Trends For 2020

Live video streaming has taken over the digital market in the past few years. Live video streaming has become an asset for digital marketers and an integral part in planning marketing strategies. Not only new brands but even key players use live streaming to make its place or change positioning in digital marketing dynamics. Video streaming solutions are likely to boost and grow even further in the coming years. With each changing year and advancements in technology, the trend of live video streaming keeps on changing suiting the needs and demands of the business. An ample number of top video streaming services for businesses are available in the market nowadays that helps any business or brand to leverage by expanding its global reach and generating more sales leads.

A battle has been on between various platforms that offer the most popular video streaming services. A media caught hold of the ongoing war of social platforms and services but the most live streaming trends of 2020 are likely to go to new heights not only revolves around live marketing videos for brands and businesses. 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are likely to fuel video streaming solutions with innovations and many other technological advanced developments.

New live streaming trends are likely to hit in 2020 that will help any brand or business to make noise in strategic digital marketing dynamics. The convergence of the latest technologies and the art of live marketing videos creates new trends and data-rich reality for 2020.

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Top Five Live Streaming Trends For 2020

Let’s have a brief look at the top 10 live streaming trends for 2020 digital marketers have set their eyes on.

1. 5G and Edge Computing

With the technological advancements, 5g connectivity and edge computing came into the latest trend and is likely to take live marketing videos to a new height. Augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AR) became possible because of high-speed 5g connectivity and edge computing. With the rapid use in smartphone functionalities, live video webcasting services are even available that are accessed through a smartphone. 5g connections help in making event live video streaming a little faster, more reliable and give it a new shade. It changed the complete way how devices get connected with the internet and each other.

5G and edge computing are linked to each other in some way. It helps in improving the response time and saves bandwidth during live streaming by decentralizing processing.

2. Smart ecosystems are rising with each passing year

Everything smart, starting from smart factories, smart stadiums, smart cities with the help of 5g connectivity and live video streaming ecosystems are likely to increase in the coming years.

Digital electronics are likely to replicate real-time interactions during live video streaming. It’s no longer required that humans act as an intermediator. With the rapid rise in technology and smart ecosystems, they are likely to send and receive data in an automated format.

3. Increase in video-enabled wearables

An increase in the emergence of video-enabled wearables is the next big thing in 2020.

Hoping an Apple Watch to get a FaceTime camera in 2020 and a new generation of video-enabled wearables are likely to bloom. Live video streaming can be accessed through wearables while being on work. Most popular video streaming services offer live streaming on video-enabled wearables. Augmented reality (AR) has been used in various sectors starting from healthcare, manufacturing & logistics. Apple and other brands are even working on the concept of AR and are anticipated to see such functionalities in trend by 2020. Live video streaming on wearables is likely to be very beneficial for hospitals. Nowadays hospitals are being equipped with streaming technologies for surgical outcomes.

4. Data

Data plays a major role when we talk about live video webcasting services. It’s impossible to start live video streaming without the data. Streaming data is likely to increase internet traffic by a large percentage in the coming years. It has been stated that data is the fuel to live marketing videos and is helping many businesses to leverage. If any brand or business wants to deliver more engaging content and increase personalization, Data is the answer for all. Even if you are seeking to combine live streaming with AI for content indexing in real-time? Data serves your purpose. Data helps in delivering quality live marketing videos. A poor quality live video streaming of a brand or business fails to get positive feedback from customers and they are likely to turn off.

5. Place more emphasis on customers

With the advancements in technology, live video webcasting services have seen advancing year by year. A focus has been placed on the customers to deliver them with overwhelming experiences. Most popular video streaming services keep the customer as the top priority and think about customer experiences. Major big brands even depend and rely on customer satisfaction and develop innovative offerings. A large number of live video streaming vendors are offering professional live video webcasting services that focus on customer engagement and satisfaction.

As time progresses, new live streaming trends will upbeat and come into play, which will help brands and businesses to leverage.

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