How Technology Helps People Connect Globally

Imagine living in the 19th century, where technology was a small baby and all your friends and family are scattered all over the country. How would you have managed to maintain a connection with them? For people to stay connected in this modern era is very easy. All they have to do is pick up a phone, get on the internet, board a bus, plane or just switch on the TV.

E-commerce and Business Relations

Technology has brought commerce a long way. Without the existence of e-commerce, many goods would remain in stores and no profit would be realised. E-commerce has facilitated both domestic trade and international trade by connecting potential buyers and sellers all over the world. Sites currently thriving in the e-commerce sector are eBay and Amazon where you can go and purchase anything from wherever you are in the world and it will be delivered to you.

Technology has also made business interactions more possible and convenient. For instance, you can even find employment in a foreign country where you work remotely and receive your payments through electronic money transfer. A good example is the online freelance industry where people are able to hire and get hired from thousands of miles away without having to relocate. Thanks to online and electronic money transfer solutions such as PayPal, Money Gram, Payoneer, and many others, you can work for a foreign employer or purchase goods/ services

The Internet and Social Platforms

Thanks to the internet, there’s easier access to information. You can easily know what’s happening in a foreign country of your interest from the comfort of your desk, couch, or bed. This makes it easier for people to make important decisions in their lives, such as whether to travel to or invest in such a country. You can even learn a foreign language, further your studies remotely or freely interact with comrades in schools from abroad.

Through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, we get to keep in touch with the rest of the world. We can now have minute by minute interactions as we get to update each other on what is going on with our lives and also share our thoughts with our friends and family. Communication platforms like Whatsapp have improved our communication by enabling us to connect with people outside our professional setting like school or work.

Dating sites are connecting lovers all over the world. The best thing about it is that most people get to connect with their soul mates, even though this comes at a fee, we may at times benefit from coupon codes to lower the fee. In addition, some social media platforms have enabled users who are afraid, to seek the help of experts and counselors anonymously in solving any sensitive issue they may be having.

Online platforms such as Skype, Facebook, and Whatsapp now allow you to communicate and freely with people from abroad through audio and video calls. Provided someone is a contact, you don’t even spend a dime on it. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a compatible tech device to do so.


Traveling has come a long way with the incorporation of technology, it has brought us from the ages of riding on horsebacks to space shuttles. Traditionally, you would have gone for weeks or even months without seeing your family if they lived far away from you, and it would have cost a fortune just to travel to see them every time. Through the improved modes of transportation, lands that were deemed to be far away are just a plane or train ride away. If you get to travel to a faraway land and you cannot understand a word of what the natives are saying then there are apps for that, this makes your travels more eventful as you can now connect with the people and indulge in their culture.


The TVs and radio have been able to successfully maintain global connections for several decades now. They single handedly kept connections alive before the internet buzz. A while back, people used to hurdle around radios to get news about the world wars. For now, we are able to turn on the TVs and catch up with live events like the world cup or super bowl and people are tuned from all over the world as they want to maintain a connection with the team they support. Mobile phones and telecommunication companies have also made communication it easier for people to keep in touch with their loved ones and business associates from abroad easily.

Currently, we are living in the age where technology is not only at its best, it’s continuously advancing. The world is now a village. Keeping in touch with a loved one or even a total stranger has become a breeze. Connections are vital to as they help to provide us with that much-needed sense of love, care and also to prolong the bond we have been building with others all through the years.

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