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Popular High Tech Mother's Day Gifts

mother-day-tech-giftMother's Day is just around the corner and what's on the gift list for most moms? It's not flowers or jewelry that's for sure. Tech gadgets are the new hottest accessory for Mother's Day, and they're even beating out the traditional "girl's best friend"—diamonds. According to NBC News, fully 64 percent of women say they would rather a digital camera than half-carat diamond earrings, and that's not all they want. Moms are wishing for the latest and greatest in tablets, phones, TVs, and more.

With that in mind, we've compiled this list that can help you get what mom really wants for Mother's Day. Whether she's the multi-tasking soccer mom; the working mom; the empty nester; or the crafty, blog writing, do-it-yourself mom, there's a gift for every type, ready and waiting to be wrapped.

The Photographer Mom

Photo MomCapturing those memories she doesn't want to forget is getting easier and it's a good thing too, since these moments usually come as a surprise and leave faster than they arrive. Mom will absolutely love an EasyShare 14.0 megapixel digital camera. These pocket sized cameras will take all the pictures and videos she wants with the ability to then share them with friends and family in an instant.

She'll also never have to worry about lighting, or focus while it recognizes faces and then gives her the ability to tag them on-screen to make it even easier to share and find. Prices for these types of cameras are probably a lot better looking than the dollar signs surrounding diamonds too. Most price at just around the one hundred dollar range (not too shabby considering everything she's gone through for you…).

The Soccer Mom

Nowadays, it's not surprising to find moms doing it all. For the young mom who works, plays, and moms to the max, creativity in gift finding might come in handy. It's common knowledge that for any mom, safety is probably one of the number one concerns.Soccer Mom Before she races off to soccer practice or to the local grocery store, she will probably forget to look in the rear-view mirror a couple of times.

Have no fear; the Rearview Mirror Back-up System will make coming and going a lot easier and safer. This system makes for a simple set up; you can easily mount the camera on the back of the car by the license plate and the touch screen mirror clips on to the existing mirror while visual is triggered by the car reversing. This gift may save a lot of front yard toys and bikes from getting smashed.

The soccer mom not only believes in helping her kids stay active, but she also has to stay active herself. There are several gadgets out there that will assist in keeping a healthy lifestyle while tracking progress. For this gift, check out the Nike Fuel Band. This perfect exercising companion can be worn attractively on her wrist and track her entire day's activity from the early morning run, to carrying a load of laundry. It's simple, small, sleek and stylish and the concept will keep her active and excited about all the running around she's constantly doing.

The Working Mom

Working MOmSometimes the soccer mom also has to be the working mom. For her, there is no better gift than a brand new ultrabook convertible. These gadgets combine the best features of a laptop and a tablet—it's just as portable and easy to use as a mobile device with all the power and functionality of a laptop. This is the perfect gift for the on the go working mom, the mom who loves to blog, and the modern mom who utilizes all the apps in the app store.

These sleek laptops boot up ultra-fast, so when she is trying to get dinner on and needs that recipe ASAP, she doesn't have to wait minutes for the computer to boot. The beauty of it is its light enough to carry in her purse and thin enough to fit almost anywhere. The battery life is upwards of 8 hours so whether she needs some quick entertainment for the kids or just to relax a bit with some music or a movie herself, she won't need to worry about the battery dying in the middle of it all.

The Empty Nester

More than ever, moms are changing the way they keep in touch. The kiddos might be across state, across country, or even across the world, but distance doesn't break that bond or opportunity to stay in contact. If she loves to Skype, she can combine this with a Tappin-App account from> This app allows her to share pictures, videos, and all sorts of files in the cloud with a few simple clicks or touches of her fingertips.

So whether mom is needing to relax, become more active, log some hours in at the office or just build more memories, there is a gift out there especially for her. What's on your mom's list for Mother's Day? Feel free to share your gift ideas below.

Bruno Galera works for Dell and has a passion for technology. When he’s not reading about the latest industry trends, you can find him cooking, reading, cheering on his favorite football team or at a museum enjoying contemporary art and photography.

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  1. Thanks so much for your Working Mom idea! My mother started her new job around the time I landed a job at DISH, and although she loves it, she’s been complaining about getting behind on her shows. If I get her an ultrabook convertible, she can use it for work, and she can use DISH Anywhere on it for entertainment. This way when she’s out of town, she can still stream live TV plus any of her DVR recordings, and keep up on all her favorites like she’s at home.

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