Must Have MacBook Accessories for Travelers

MacBookWhat is the point of having a MacBook if you are only going to use it at home? Some people rarely take it out of their house, in which case why not buy a PC and be done with it. At the very least, you should take your MacBook on your travels and on holiday with you. That way you can justify its expense at least a little.

1-Screen Protector

There are plenty of accessories that allow you to use your screen whilst keeping it covered so that dirt and grime doesn't get onto it. For example, the Splash Masque Screen Protector (HD Film) is very good at keeping dirty smudges off your actual screen. There are plenty of people in this world that are happy to show you something on a screen by pressing their greasy finger into it. With a screen protector, you can peel it off when you get home, wash it down and put it back and the fingerprints of your traveling buddies are ancient history.

It is also handy if you are traveling to places where there may be mud or grime or dirt of an indistinct nature. Your computer may come back from your travels dirtier than a dog looking for his bone in a tar pit.

2-Soft Keyboard Cover

It's a must have accessory because you are going to be using your computer in places other than your home. This means that you are going to have to face more than Cheeto crumbs on your keyboard. You may have to deal with elements of nature and whatever debris is flying around the café you are in. Sharing the back seat of a car journey with your dog or younger siblings no longer means things getting stuck in your keyboard.

A soft keyboard cover is just something that goes over your keyboard so you can still use it without it interfering with your typing. It is especially good if you are using it on the beach because it is a real pain trying to get sand out from under your keyboard. If your cover gets dirty, you can remove it, clean it and replace it.

3-iKlear Cleaning Kit

There are two ways this can go. Either you didn't use the accessories listed above and now you regret it, in which case you can use the cleaning kit or, you have just bought the two accessories listed above and want to clean off your computer before you apply them. After all, what is the point of protecting a screen and keyboard with specialist covers if you are putting them over a dirty item?

There are also those little occasions where you have made a mess of your computer and want to clean it. This sort of thing happens all the time on holiday. You breeze into a restaurant and pull out your Mac so you can impress the hot waitress or cute barman, and before you know it you have smeared your screen with ravioli sauce and there is a splash of vermouth on the keyboard. You can use the cleaning kit to get rid of the mess.

4-Tough Laptop Bag

It has to be tough and be as solid as you can afford. It may have to protect your computer as it is having luggage piled on top of it at the airport, plus if you are going to busy places then it is going to get banged around like a paint can in a washing machine.

5-External battery packs

These seem like a pointless expense until the day you actually need it, at which point you are stuck with a lifeless computer that you now have to take around with you for no use or reason. An external battery pack is a little like carrying an extra battery, but your charger plugs into it as if it was a socket.

Why is that a good thing? Because, you are not limited by the size of the battery. You can carry around a replacement battery if you wish, but it will only last a certain amount of limited time because of its size. Carry an external battery and you can buy one so big that it will last the day through. Plus, there are some that will also charge up your other iOS products too, and if you have a family you are taking with you, then being able to ensure they have recharged batteries is good to know.

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