Best Core i7 3rd Generation Laptops

intel-core-I7Everyone needs a computer these days. From class projects to entertainment, nothing is done without having a good computer. But portability is a major fact as well, so everyone needs a laptop now. Not all laptops are capable of doing everything, but technology has now reached such a stage where a simple laptop can perform many difficult tasks without having much difficulties. But still, if you want out of the box performance with portability and extended power backup life, you need to look for a processor that supports you the best in all aspects. Core i7 3rd Generation processors have that capability; and the price has reduced a lot and now it's in many people's reach. And so, here are top 5 laptops we recommend you running on Core i7 3rd Generation processors.

Asus K55VD

Core i7 3rd Generation processors

Asus makes good laptops and many people like them for their unique design, lightweight and portability, and global support. This model comes with a NVidia GeForce 610M and a 4GB RAM so that you can perform all your office tasks, gaming and HD video playback seamlessly. This laptop has the standard configurations that include HDMI and USB ports, card reader, webcam etc. and the price is around $1000 including Windows 7.

Sony VAIO SBS13127PXB S Series

To the Sony fans, nothing gets better than a VAIO laptop. This great Core i7 3rd gen laptop comes with all latest technologies and a remarkable battery life. You get the performance and also you don't get the worry to get tangled by the adapter cable. An 8 GB RAM comes with this super machine, and it can be extended up to 12 GB. Usually the smaller 13.3 inch laptops don't include an optical drive but this one does. And the price is around $1100.

HP Pavilion DV6

While making this list, we couldn't ignore HP Pavilion DV6. How could we, when this laptop packs a terrifically awesome configuration? If you are into hardcore gaming, then you may consider this laptop for gaming on the go. 6 GB RAM, 2 GB Graphics, 4 USB 3.0 ports and all other standard connectivity options, Windows 7 64 bit, 15.6 display size. What else you may need? Time to play the games!

Apple MacBook Pro 15

Apple makes the best laptops, no matter what point you pick. The only minus point is - it's too highly priced and most people don't buy Apple because they can't afford. But if you have the affordability, then why wouldn't you? This laptop comes with Intel Core 97 3.5 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, 512GB Hard disk and Intel HD 4000 Graphics. Like we said before, it's costly and the price is around $1800.

HP Envy 17

The best Core i7 laptop award goes to HP Envy 17. The laptop is costly indeed but you get what you pay for. Every feature is worth your hard earned money. Core i7 3rd gen processor, 8GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, one HDMI and 2 monitor ports and other standard stuff. It comes with a genuine Windows 7 and the price is around $1400.

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