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Eight Ways that Apple is Adding Artificial Intelligence into the iPhone


iOS app development is a highly in demand process for many years now, and continue to be so at staggering speed. iPhone apps programmers enjoy higher income opportunities as business organizations are seeking out iPhone app development services.

Finding app developers for the iPhone is easy. With the rise in the demand for iOS applications, a lot of mobile software developers are into developing highly useful applications to the operating system. App developers are successful in developing numerous innovative apps for the clientele worldwide. Some iPhone app developers’ work with a mobile app development company, some consider themselves as a freelance app developer, taking on short projects for various clients all over the world.


Ever since it debuted over a decade ago, the iPhone has drastically evolved. It is exponentially faster, the camera and display have improved a great deal, the form factor refined, and a range of new sensors were added. While the industrial design of Apple continues to break new ground in terms of manufacturing, its software on the other hand that has plateaued through the years. The iOS app development software continues to gain ground in the mobile app development world.


New automated features, such as routing around traffic and recognizing people during events to create a photo album are turning the iPhone into a much smarter accessory. Chatbots could order flowers on Facebook. An intelligent assistant could schedule a meeting. There are indeed brilliant new updates, but the following are ones that impressed the most and offer the most automation.

  1. Maps would suggest better routes. This is long overdue. With hints of Waze app, the Apple Maps application in iOS 10 would automatically route around traffic problems. The app, as a bonus also knows which routes one prefers and will suggest those. The app could look through the calendar and suggest routes to a meeting place too.
  2. Facial recognition for pictures. The Photos application now would recognize people in pictures and offer to group them for a user. For instance, an app could identify all members of the family from a trip to Florida. The feature has been on the Mac desktop for a while now, but the wonderful thing about having it on the iPhone is that the processing is local to the phone. Meaning that it is more secure since the photos do not have to be processed in the cloud.
  3. Voicemails transcribed. Even if it’s been available in the Google Voice application for years, the iPhone now could transcribe voicemails automatically and turn them to text. This saves time as one could scan through written text faster than listening to a message.
  4. Automated text responses. When texting with someone, new features that are related to Quick Type in the Messages application would suggest more just the right spelling. If some will ask ‘where are you?” the app could drop in a map to a user’s current location. If someone asks when to meet, the application would offer a time on the calendar for when a user is available.
  5. Siri could order an Uber. Siri, the voice assistant on the iPhone and the iPad is now much smarter. Apple now enables the assistant to work with third-party applications. This means that one could ask Siri to order an Uber, send text in WhatsApp, or perhaps order a pizza with the Domino’s application.
  6. The phone knows when the user lifts it up. There is no angelic choir, but when picking a phone, there is no need to press a button to turn it on and the screen would shine. The accelerometer would know when one has raised the phone to check it, thus one could glance at notifications and set the down the phone to dim the screen again.
  7. Automated videos of events. Apple has touted new feature called Memories. The app grabs video photos and snippets, identifies the people and places during an event, stitches them into a highlight video, say for instance a birthday party or wedding. The feature allows tweaking some settings to make a video shorter or longer, or emphasize the action or quieter moments.
  8. Smarter new applications would group stories automatically. Another new automation has something to do with the revamped News application. The present version has a tendency to be a mishmash of articles and sources with no correlation, but the new version would create sections for new stories and group them to quickly scan through, just as only the latest business stories.

Artificial intelligence integration to the iOS operating system is invaluable. The AI technology further makes the iPhone a highly remarkable and useful tool not only for organizations, but for individual users as well.

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