Main Benefits of Using Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Light-BulbUsing fluorescent light bullishness more environmentally friendly choice to using traditional incandescent bulbs. The fluorescent lights can be used in fixtures that previously held incandescent ones. The main features of these bulbs are the spiral shape and soft white light. Most importantly, the fluorescent lights help people save energy and money. Learn the seven main reasons why people use fluorescent light bulbs.

1. The lights are energy efficient

Fluorescent light bulbs are mostly known for the energy efficiency benefits. The average fluorescent light bulbs use an average of 75 percent less energy than incandescent ones. The bulbs work by requiring little energy to excite the mercury contained within, which emits ultraviolet light.Also, fluorescent lights emit significantly less heat that can turn into wasted energy.In your home or office, use lights that are made brighter and last longer with less power required.

2. The costs are affordable

Many fluorescent lamps are more expensive than the incandescent kinds. The costs vary from $10 to $200, but a good amount of products are affordable for everyone. Consumers buy the right products when they shop by the wattage, bulb color and shape. The initial costs seem high, but over time, the bulbs pay for themselves more times than you can count.

3. The pollution is minimal

When you replace a single incandescent light with a fluorescent one, you prevent significant amounts of carbon dioxide and harmful gases from being released into the air. Changing the light bulbs in the house can save as much pollution as cutting back on driving. After you are finished using the mercury-filled lights, you have the option to recycle the bulbs.

4. The lights are usable anywhere

Use fluorescent bulbs in any fixture that used to contain incandescent bulbs. Place these lights anywhere from tabletop lamps to outdoor wall fixtures. Since these lights are long lasting, use them to light up large areas like roads and parking lots for long hours. Wherever you need light, whether in an office or home, you have many fixtures available.

5. There are different bulb designs

The spiral coil is the main fluorescent bulb design available, but there are others. Choose regular bulbs, circular, rectangular and U shapes that suit particular lighting needs. Also, choose the right bulb length from 12 to 96 inches.

6. Fluorescents last longer than incandescent bulbs

Fluorescent scan last as much as 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Prolong the lifespan by using lights only when necessary. Under regular conditions, continue using the lamps for as long as 10 years. In addition, take advantage of the fluorescent light ballast that is usually integrated into the lamp design. There are magnetic and electronic ballasts that increase the efficiency of your bulbs up to 30%. These devices are specially made to cut energy losses and temperatures.

7. The environment benefits with the use of fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent light bulbs consume less energy and heat per hour than regular bulbs. The energy output is much more efficient for people looking to conserve the environment. Traditional bulbs produce energy, but lose up to 80 percent of it in the process. Saving energy is important for businesses that want to create more products without depleting the earth's natural resources. Finding the best ways to reduce energy is a major goal for most environmental activists.

Money saving tips for fluorescent lights

People should always look for ways to save money on lighting products.For the greatest energy efficiency, it is ideal to use a dimmer and turn off the lights often. Dim the lights to use less energy and save money. Know exactly when you will use the lights and when you will not. Follow these basic tips to avoid having to buy new lights anytime soon.

Make the most of fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lighting is good to have in any situation. For long lasting, efficient and bright lighting, make good use of these bulbs. First, know as much as you can about fluorescent lights and why incandescent bulbs are different. Know a few tips to help you save money before and after you make a purchase. Buy fluorescent bulbs to keep the planet safe and green.

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