Journey to 2018, which security gadgets made it through?

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I stopped watching the news on TV because it ignites hidden fears in our minds. I realized that these terrible news stories leave a long-lasting impact on me. It’s always some clever crime story, followed by a confession of the criminal while the narrator describes the details of how they planned and implemented their crazy ideas. This often worries me as I try to analyze how nifty these criminals can be. But the good news is, there is a solution. If we keep looking at the problems, the list will always remain never ending. However, if we just change the angle, we will find solutions to these problems and more significantly, how we can avoid them before they happen.

Sadly, we cannot change the reality that we must leave our homes for basic necessities. We must leave the comfort of our homes for education, work, socializing, going to the grocery store, sports and exercise, you name it. Literally, leaving our homes is as badly needed as oxygen for us. But, if we act responsibly and check out our surroundings, it is highly likely that we can spend our time outside in relative safety. However, when it comes to keeping our home, our loved ones and possessions safe, we have little to no option unless we secure our home with the latest security gadgets.

According to a study by the Criminal Justice Department at North Carolina University, 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, and homes without security systems are 3 times as likely to be hit. Eighty-three percent of convicted burglars say a home security system would deter them from breaking into a home. This clearly tells how beneficial home security systems are.

Every single thing we see is smart now, our watches, TVs, phones, cars, kitchens, laundry, but mostly all of them are merely for convenience. We buy these smart gadgets because we believe that these products will make our lives easier than before. Hence, the convenience factor is the selling point for all these electronic devices or gadgets, whatever you may call them!

Fortunately for homeowners, when it comes to securing them, we now have the option to get these incredible security gadgets. You can search Google for an extensive list of gadgets or check out this list of my favorite products, here we go:

Mpow Solar:

The Mpow Solar Powered Wireless Bright 4 LED Security Motion Sensor is great for your home’s perimeter. Attach it anywhere it will get direct natural light, and it will pick up motion within 26 feet.vivintVivint:

Finally, my personal favorite home security system is Vivint. They provide all the right reasons for me to remain a lifelong customer forever and also endorse them to all of my friends so they too can enjoy the same benefits and satisfaction. The complete package includes a doorbell camera, ping camera, garage door camera, element thermostat, smart locks and outdoor cameras, all the products are self-explanatory. Vivint Security covers everything you need, you just feel secure after getting it.

This is the list of the best security gadgets and brands which I believe will continue to get more popular this year.

Kevo Smart Lock Kit:

Smart locks are creating their own marketplace and gaining more and more popularity within the home security sector. Recently, Kevo launched its innovative smart lock kit which allows you to replace all of your deadbolt locks with the new smart locks. The best feature is that it lets you monitor all the activities at your door all the time, with its built-in camera systems. It also allows for mobile control of the opening and locking of the doors through a dedicated application on your mobile device. It also comes with E-card support, which can be utilized by you and your family members while going in and out of the house without restrictions.

Zmodo Pivot:

The finest security camera for less than $100 is the Zmodo Pivot. It can be placed wherever you like because it comes with a 360-degree motion sensor to pick up the slightest movement. It can also rotate to find the best angle as it records. It’s easily available and comparatively low in price.

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