Golf Rangefinders: How to Select a Good One?

Before buying a golf rangefinder from the internet or your local dealer, it’s essential that you know what you need. When you know what you need, you will get the most when it comes to a game. Golf rangefinders are usually used to make a game easy by giving accurate measurements of a golf course. Here are the things to bear in mind when searching for golf rangefinders.


You will find many different designs and models available in the market. Since there is a wide range of models, you should pick the best considering your preference. However, it is recommended to choose a model with the GPS and laser feature. A golf rangefinder with these two features uses pin-seeker technology which makes the game more exciting.

Easy to use

The efficiency of a golf rangefinder is determined by its ability to handle. The more easily it can be used, the more efficient it becomes. Any good golf rangefinder should be easy to use when you are on a golf course. It can be inconvenient and time-wasting to go through a lengthy manual as you try to understand how it is used when you have other things to do. If a golf rangefinder is good, then an amateur should easily use it during training. Consider a rangefinder which can be used easily and save you time to concentrate and perfect on the game.

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Weight and Size

Light rangefinders are easy to operate and carry. You need to choose a device that isn’t too big or too small. Make sure that you hold the device with two hands for accurate readings.


The cost of any product usually is considered when it comes to shopping. Many factors will determine the cost of a device that you want to buy. The budget is a significant factor, and this helps in knowing the design and model that you will get. You can get a cheaper model or an expensive one depending on your budget. However, before fixing yourself on the price, consider the design, features, and quality before buying a rangefinder.

Distance Range

Basic rangefinders can cover a range of at least 400 yards while most ones cover at about 1500 yards. Your requirements will determine the distance range of a device. You should choose the one that suits your requirements. You should also bear in mind that the distance range of a given device will determine the cost. If you want a golf rangefinder that can cover the whole golf course, get high-end rangefinders.

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Features and type

When purchasing any device, you should check its features and see if it matches what you are looking for. You should also check its type. Check its form and size. Things like price and magnification power need to be put into consideration. Check the brand name and ensure that it’s a famous brand. It should measure time and distances accurately. If you consider these things, you will get a good rangefinder.

The course you play

If your home course has many doglegs, blind tee shots, and huge elevation changes, then you should get a GPS rangefinder. A laser rangefinder will require you to point it at a physical target. If the green you are hitting into is blocked, it won’t be of any use.

Since GPS rangefinders get distances from satellites, you won’t have to see a physical target to know its distance. However, if you play wide-open style courses, a laser rangefinder will be the best option for you.

Skill level

There is a laser rangefinder for low-handicap players that consider the slope of every hole. For instance, a hole without elevation means that you can hit the gap wedge 100 yards. But if facing the 100-yard approach when the green is 10 feet above you, then you need a club which will carry 115 yards. A rangefinder with slope capabilities will consider this and club selection will be very easy. You will need a laser rangefinder for this. You should note that a rangefinder with this feature is costly. So if you have a problem with missing greens right or left, this feature won’t be that helpful in your game.

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