Buyer’s Guide to Cloud-Compatible Truck Dash Cams

Dash cams are great for security, safety, and getting odd curiosities that happen on the road. With so many dash cams on the market, you only need the right features to install for your trucks.

Whether you’re installing them to your fleet en masse or a personal security measure for your trips, we’ve built a comprehensive buyer’s guide for you in choosing the perfect commercial dash cams in the market.

What Makes a Good Cloud-Compatible Dash Cam?

Dash cams are specifically made to continuously record events on the whole trip, especially in accidents and safety concerns. As you look for the best models available, you should take at least five main characteristics of a good dash cam product to ensure safety and security over long periods.

Automatic Power

Dash cams should power automatically when your car starts. While most truck dash cams power through the dashboard outlet, you may want to hardwire it instead to a fuse box for a tamper-proof and reliable installation.

Fixed Placement

Usually, after you install your dash cam properly, you wouldn’t pay too much attention to it and just automatically record as soon as you start. With that said, your dash cam should be reliable on a fixed placement and always stay that way.

Automatic Recording And Cloud Storage

Dash cams may be equipped with a high-capacity memory card or a cloud storage service. Apart from automatic power once you start your car, your dash cam should also start recording to minimize any room for error or recording blindspots, ensuring that every driver on your fleet or ride is recorded accordingly.

Loop Recording

Loop recording allows your dash cams to record continuously, even if the memory is at total capacity. When this happens, instead of stopping the recording when the card is complete, the dash cam automatically re-records the footage and overwrites it, starting with your oldest footage available for both memory card and cloud storage features.

As long as your car runs, you are guaranteed that your dash cam records the most footage and is under surveillance with each trip.

High Definition Recording

Look for high-definition dash cams offering HD or 4K resolution. It may sound too much, but this allows you to look over small details in the event of an accident during your trip, like determining license plates, faces, and other things you need a clear image of.

Considering the features you need for a quality dash cam, here are some products you can check and see what kind of products or features suit your vehicle.

Vantrue N4

The Vantrue N4 is a powerhouse that simultaneously records your windshield, outside and behind your vehicle, in high-definition quality.

The Vantrue N4 is suited for all-around surveillance security that records all viewpoints for safety. It also comes equipped with motion and impact detection software to record and highlight points of interest automatically.

With its sleek and compact design, you get all these features while minimizing the space it takes against other commercial dashcams.

Nextbase 622GW

A premium option with a plethora of features akin to a smartphone. The Nextbase 622GW offers crisp and high-resolution recordings highly adaptable to surroundings with its image stabilization features, a rotating polarizer, and high-speed processors to minimize occlusion and other natural distortions.

Additionally, this model is easy to control via a phone application; it provides multiple recording presets and settings to ensure you get the most precise footage possible. But the biggest take of this model is its integration with Alexa and an automatic protocol of sending your medical details like blood type or allergies in the event of a collision, and a GPS labeling platform for medical authorities to track you down and perform medical help efficiently.

Overall, Nextbase ensures the reliability of high-resolution dashcams and comprehensive safety and voice-activated protocols. A satisfactory purchase is worth the investment.

iOttie’s Aivo View

For those who are into minimalistic and space-saving dashcams, here’s iOttie’s Aivo View. When you compare this to other dash cams above, it may not produce the most precise recordings, but its small size and magnetic mount make it a good dash cam for stealthy recording for your trip.

This model records up to 1600p at 30 FPS, interchangeable with a 720p resolution to save memory. You operate this device through a mobile app, and its integrated GPS tracking adds a layer of security to you and your passengers.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a dash cam, their capacity to record over long periods has a clear advantage in safety and security. When an accident happens or an attempted road crime, you can rely on your dash cams as evidence and protect yourself.

Our recommendations are just a guide to understanding how dash cams work for you.

If you have a clear budget and understand your needs, looking for a dashcam would be more accessible and worth your time and money.

If you have any questions, please ask below!