5 Must-Have Gadgets for Seniors Aging in Place

Growing old in your own home versus a care facility yields various benefits. However, despite seniors’ ability to maintain optimal independence, aging-in-place features its fair share of risks and drawbacks. Aging in place can result in unbearable levels of isolation and loneliness. Additionally, these living situations make it increasingly difficult for elderly folks to complete everyday tasks without the assistance of an able-bodied loved one, making aging-in-place a potentially dangerous decision.

Luckily, several gadgets on the market can help seniors’ coping with declining mobility. Use these five options to help protect the senior adult in your life.

Senior-Friendly Cell Phone

While some elderly folks might resist our technologically-advanced reality of the 21st century, owning a cell phone is a practical choice for senior citizens nationwide. Phones can provide entertainment and a sense of social support for seniors who may spend extended periods alone. Additionally, aging individuals can use these devices to keep track of medical details or request immediate medical attention in emergencies.

When on the hunt for a senior-friendly phone that’s simple to learn how to use, check out Lively Direct. Avoid purchasing a state-of-the-art smartphone with all the bells and whistles, as this will often overwhelm the elderly loved ones in your life. Instead, stick to the basics to ensure the senior citizen in question can operate this device with ease.

Help button

A cell phone is an excellent way to get help if needed. But telephones aren’t always within a senior’s reach. Solve this problem by adding a help button to your senior adult’s toolbox. A personal help button comes on a lanyard or bracelet. Depending on your elderly loved one’s preferences, they can wear it around the neck or the wrist.

Some help buttons require the wearer to press a button to activate a response. Others use sensors to detect if the wearer falls automatically. Either way, a help button is a smart purchase to ensure senior adults stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Reminder device

The older you get, the more difficult it can be to remember simple daily tasks such as taking meds or locking the doors before bed. A gadget such as a reminder clock can swoop in and save the day should your elderly loved one suffer from memory loss.

Family members can program a reminder clock for the senior citizens in their life by recording a voice message on the clock. Then, at certain times of day, the voice message will play. A reminder device aids forgetful seniors and gives them the nudge they need to take their medications or sit down for a quick bite to eat.


A high-tech but user-friendly smartwatch can help senior adults monitor their health. Senior-friendly smartwatches provide essential services such as tracking heart rate and exercise frequency. Additionally, these smartwatches take things a step further by accurately detecting falls and calling for help if needed.

Some senior-friendly smartwatches can even charge while in use to ensure round-the-clock protection. Family members can download a corresponding app to keep an eye on statistics such as nutritional information and fall alerts.

Digital pill dispenser

A digital pill dispenser is an excellent choice for any senior adult who has trouble keeping up with their meds. You can pre-program these pill cases to only open at certain times. The dispenser will automatically flash and unlock when it’s time to take a pill. The remainder of the compartments will remain locked until it’s time for the meds to be administered.

If the user doesn’t take their medications at these designated times, family members will receive a notification. This way, your elderly loved ones will stay up-to-date on their lifesaving medications.

Wrap up

In this day and age, aging in place doesn’t have to be dangerous. These gadgets can protect senior adults and improve their quality of life as they safely live out their golden years at home.

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