5 Household Gadgets That Improve Your Life

When you’re reading a novel set in times gone by or watching a movie depicting future poles apart from the current, you might wonder what it must be like to live in those ages. Seldom do we question if we’re living to the fullest in the present. That question not only applies to our spiritual well-being but also the physical plane we live on. In 2019, there are many gadgets out there which can actually improve the standard of our living at home.

From enhancing the safety of your family to making everyday tasks easier to accomplish, these smart gadgets are a great addition to a 21st century home. The price of each device is reasonable enough for the benefits it brings along. Check out the list and do your own research before you decide if you’re in need of any of these useful modern-day inventions.

Google Nest Hub

Popular culture and memes have made us all well aware of Amazon’s Echo product, commonly referred to as Alexa. However, another tech giant, Google has its own home automation offering called Google Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display with a user-friendly interface. Users can control their smart home devices and video cameras from this single device. Play YouTube music, or listen on Spotify with oral commands. Google Assistant is the powerful foundation on which the gadget runs.

When you’re not looking up an answer on Google or watching a video, you can use the Google Nest Hub as a high-resolution digital photo frame. Shuffle between snaps of your latest vacation and your childhood photos. The only thing we wish Google Nest Hub had been motion pictures, like the ones in Hogwarts. Maybe Google will add that feature soon.

The recently reduced list price is $129 but you can get it for way cheaper if you search around online stores.

Amazon eero

Wi-Fi signals don’t always reach every corner of your home or apartment. It’s really frustrating to be lying in bed trying to browse social media on your phone but suffering through buffering videos because you’re too far away from the router.

The best device for Wi-Fi range extension is Amazon’s eero. It uses advanced mesh technology to entirely cover a home in full-strength Wi-Fi signals. Easy to set up, the eero gateway device can give internet access to eero beacon devices which you can simply plug into a wall outlet to boost signals in a particular part of the house.

The eero smartphone app lets you control the Wi-Fi by limiting access to devices, pausing and restarting the Wi-Fi and much more. Get 1 eero Pro + 1 eero Beacon for $299.0. This should be enough for the typical household.

Xfinity Home Security Solution

An effective security system for homeowners that protects the property from break-ins and home invasions. 24/7 active monitoring ensures that sensors alert you to anything unusual going on in real-time. Quickly check your home’s video feeds to get a clear picture and call emergency services if need be.

Remotely arm or disarm the security system using the Xfinity Home app. Add remote smoke detection, lighting control, and thermostat control to turn your home into space which is truly yours. You can manage your home appliances and turn them on/off at certain times through automated controls.

Nobody can break through a door or window while you have the Xfinity Home Security Solution active at your property. The package has options for touchscreen controller, door/window sensor, pet-friendly motion sensors, HD cameras, and wireless keypad. There’s also battery and cellular backup so even without power the security system stays on. Service starts at $29.99/mo. for 12 months. You can order this service at BuyTVInternetPhone.

Philips Hue

Get the light bulb that changes color based on your fancy. No matter what your mood, your home’s lighting can be changed to reflect the ebb and flow of your emotions. Philips Hue is a light bulb which can illuminate your living space with tones controlled by a smartphone app.

You can set soft white, warm-to-cool shades, or colored lights depending on what you’re going for.

The light bulb can connect to your smartphone app via Bluetooth. If you have Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, you could even do it with voice commands! You can buy a Hue White and color ambiance bulb for $49.99.


The plants in your yard deserve to be happy too. Take care of them with a smart device which takes your gardening to the next level. Simply insert the Verdmo device into the soil to obtain readings for moisture level % and ground-level temperature.

The smartphone app lets you set the type of plant, soil, soil slope, soil density, and sun exposure to get recommendations for when and how much to water. Keep your plants healthy and blossoming to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

You can even monitor all the rich data remotely through an android/iOS app. 1 wireless soil moisture sensor is priced at $89.99.

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