12 Best PS5 Accessories to Make the Most of Your PS5

Ever since its release, PS5 is all the rage in the gaming community, and there’s a good reason why. PS5 is the most advanced and next-gen console to date, packed with the best functionality that a gaming console can offer. And perhaps that’s the reason why PS5 is still short in supply. But if you have somehow managed to get your hands on this next-gen console, you should absolutely purchase the most recommended gaming accessories for PS5 to improve your gameplay.

In this article, we will list down the top gaming accessories for PS5 and discuss what makes them a must-have! So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. DualSense Wireless Controller

When searching for the best gaming accessories for PS5, the first thing you should consider is buying an extra DualSense Wireless Controller. Even though PS5 costs more than $500, it only comes with one controller, depriving you off the ability to play with your friends and family.

If you like playing multiplayer games with your family or often host parties, an extra DualSense controller might come handy. It can also be used when your primary controller runs out of battery due to binge gaming.

The DualSense Wireless controller has a sleek design matching the PS5 console. It features a headset jack, a built-in microphone, multiple sensors, and accent lights as indicators for various situations. The controller comes with haptic feedback in the form of dynamic vibrations that can make your experience immersive and simulate the in-game actions.

Priced at $69, an extra PS5 DualSense controller is a definite must-have for your console.


Since PS5 now offers 4K, you should consider upgrading your UHD TV to a 4K display to make the most of your PS5. As someone who’s using PS5 with a 4K TV, let me tell you, the difference is PHENOMENAL. The frame rates are incredibly impressive, the colors are breathtaking, and the overall experience is true to life.

If you want to go all in with your money, the best 4K TV for PS5 is LG CX 4K OLED TV. Although quite expensive, this TV is one of the very few in the market that offer a 120 Hz refresh rate, allowing seamless transition between graphics. The colors on this display are extraordinarily rich and vibrant, making your gaming experience much more immersive.

However, the LG CX 4K OLED TV costs between $1400-$1800, which is three times more expensive than the PS5 itself. Therefore, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, you should consider buying a cheaper 4K TV like Samsung UE43TU7100 or TCL 5 Series.

3. Sony DualSense Charging Station

Sony DualSense Charging Station is a great dock if you own two DualSense controllers. This dock makes charging your controller quite easier by simply dropping it in the dock and picking it up once it has charged.

The sleek design of this charging station matches the cyber-clam style of the PS5. Therefore, it looks really cool with the controllers. The charging station can fully charge two controllers in just three hours, which is quite impressive considering it charges both the controllers at once.

At a mere $30, this charging station is an investment worth making if you own two DualSense controllers.

4. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Complete your PS5 gaming setup with Pulse 3D wireless headsets, Sony’s official headsets for PlayStations. This headset is specially designed to max out the PS5’s 3D audio capabilities. With a white and black design, this headset matches the PS5 theme and looks like a part of the PS5 console.

This wireless headset features adjustable head strap and soft plush earcups that are perfect for binge-gamers. This wireless headset comes 1with noise-cancelling capabilities and can last up to 12 hours wirelessly! What’s more, you can adjust the chat and volume settings straight by reaching your headset.

If you are a part of the PlayStation ecosystem, the Pulse 3D headsets are going to be a great investment for you at $99.99.

5. PS5 Media Remote

If your use your PS5 to stream Netflix and other media platforms, a PS5 Media Remote is going to prove very handy for you. I know you might be thinking that a DualSense controller should be enough for you. But trust me, a PS5 Media Remote would make your life a lot easier because you can save up your controller’s juice or put it on charging while binge watching your favorite shows.

This media remote is just like any other TV remote that comes with built-in play and pause, fast forward, and reverse buttons. The remote also has featured buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. It can also be used to turn on or off your PS5 as well as navigate through the menus.

The PS5 Media Remote matches the PS5 theme, therefore buying it would be like completing your PS5 setup at only $39.95.

6. PlayStation HD Camera

Are you a hardcore gamer who likes to stream their gameplays on Twitch or YouTube? If yes, then the PlayStation HD Camera is going to be a must-have for you! This powerful camera comes with a built-in, monochromatic stand that matches the clam-like shell of PS5. So, your camera would look like a mini PS5.

This camera is packed with a suite of features that allow a powerful streaming experience. With HD image quality and background removal functions, you can conveniently record yourself in high quality while replacing your background. The camera also lets you broadcast using the picture-in-picture with your game.

At $59.99, this HD camera is going to be a perfect addition to your PS5 arsenal if you are a streamer.

7. Samsung T7 Portable SSD

If you play multiple games on your PS5, it’s highly likely that you would soon run out of the limited storage available on PS5. Even 825 GB isn’t enough to hold all your games. Moreover, it’s more convenient to transfer your downloaded games to an external SSD rather than redownloading them after some time.

Therefore, an external SSD is a must-have to store your games, DLC, and any other content you download. Samsung T7 is a portable SSD with a sleek design that comes with up to 2TB of capacity and store about 40-50 titles.

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD is priced at $152.99. You can also opt for cheaper options available in the market.

8. Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C Cable

The USB cables that come included with your PS5 controllers are only 1.5m long, which makes gaming for longer hours quite inconvenient. If you continue gaming even after your controllers have run out of battery, the Anker Powerline III USB cable should be enough for you. The cable measure 10 feet in length, which is more than enough for you even if you are sitting halfway across your console.

The Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C Cable only costs $17.99.

9. Floating Grip Wall Mount

PS5 has a peculiar design that makes it seem impossible to mount on a wall. But turns out, it’s actually possible! This wall mount called Floating Grip is specifically designed for PS5 and makes it incredibly easy to mount your PS5 on a wall next to your display. A wall mount can help you declutter the space and keep it clean.

The mount pack comes with everything that’s needed to install the mount, including an instructions manual, handmade strings, mounting parts, screws, and wall plugs. It’s incredibly easy to install and takes less than ten minutes.

Priced at $25, the Floating Grip wall mount was one of the first unofficial wall mounts released for PS5.

10. Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Soundbar

If you are opting for a fully immersive PS5 experience, we recommend getting a soundbar. Soundbars are a great alternative to those bulky speaker setups as they are packed with speakers side-by-side. The Leviathan soundbar by Razer is one of the best soundbars for PS5. It has a pretty slick design and impeccable sound that would have you on your toes all the time!

The chassis of the soundbar is filled with two 2.5” and 0.74” drivers that manage the mid to high level frequencies. These drivers give a crystal-clear sound at a frequency of 180 Hz to 20 kHz. On the other hand, the central part of this soundbar is a subwoofer that controls the bass. You are in for a powerful bass, thanks to its downward facing angle. You’ll literally get chills and notice dust flying away from the speaker.

What’s more, the soundbar system is pretty easily to set up. Just connect it to your PS5 via Bluetooth and plug it into the back of your TV.

Priced at $183.99, the Leviathan is an investment worth making if you want a truly immersive sound system for your PS5.

11. Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

Logitech G29 is not for the faint of hearts! This racing wheel set is for the hardcore gamers who take their games very seriously. It is an Amazon bestseller and works well with PS5, PS4, and PC. Made from high-end leather and stainless steel, Logitech G29 comes with dual-motor tactile feedback so you can drive fearlessly. You can safely mount the racing wheel to any table or a racing rig.

Experience the most immersive driving simulation without the wheel going out of control during aggressive maneuvers. It is a stable and durable racing wheel with stainless steel paddle shifters for perfect precision.

Priced at $247.99, Logitech G29 is an investment worth making if you like to play racing games and don’t hold yourself back when it comes to gaming.

12. USA GEAR PS5 Set

A PS5 carrying case is a must if you travel with your console or carry it often to your friends. The USA GEAR PS5 Set is a sturdy case crafted in a tightly woven RipStop Nylon over a padded reinforced shell that gives your console all the protection it needs. This set would keep your PS5 safe from scratches, water damage, impacts, and any environmental factors.

The case comes with a customizable spacious interior that can store your console, controllers, cables, headphones, and other PS5 accessories. You can adjust the compartments since the dividers inside are easily moveable. It also features a padded shoulder strap to make it easy to carry.

Get your hands on this sturdy PS5 case set starting from $89.99 if you plan on taking your console out very often.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! If you are a PS5 owner looking for accessories to improve your gameplay, these 12 best gaming accessories for PS5 are sure to prove worthy. Get your hands on these now to max out your PS5 experience. We have included everything from the displays and sound systems to cameras and controllers, leaving nothing behind. Let us know what you think about these accessories in the comments below!

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