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5 Myths About Music Careers

Being successful in the music industry is a dream for many people, so naturally there are hurtful myths surrounding the topic. Some myths project a career in music to be easier than it really is, while others are discouraging. Whatever the misinformation, you should be well informed before you attempt […]

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History of DJing [Infographic]

At the age of just 16, Ray Newby was the world's first radio disk jockey. He began to regularly play records on a small transmitter while he was a student at Herrold College of Engineering & Wireless in San Jose, California. The world's first DJ dance party was held with […]

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Using Reverb And Delay Properly

Reverb and delay aren’t the most recent, best things in the audio and music world, however their flexibility and the level of investment that they can bring to a sound track make them reliably famous. Utilizing reverb and delay within the right ways can enormously improve a track. Digital reverb plays […]


Bon Jovi Songs for Your Wedding

Combining the pretty-boy looks of their vocalist and a nuance for melodious hooks, Bon Jovi enjoyed shot to and enjoyed stardom in the 1980s. Multitudes would pack arenas night after night just to glimpse the big-haired men. But behind their steely facade, Bon Jovi has composed more romantic songs than […]