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Are You Taking Care of Your Mental Health?

No doubt students are hard-pressed with preparations for class and surprise tests, tight deadlines for projects and assignments, huge work load and intense competition, but they should give top priority to their physical and mental health. In fact, a good mental health should take precedence to all other things as […]


Dual Diagnosis Therapy

While dealing with the effects of a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, trying to continue or complete a treatment program often proves difficult. When you suffer from at least one co-occurring substance addiction as well as a mental health disorder, dealing with dual diagnosis disorders on your […]

Dual diagnosis: Alcoholism and depression

Dual Diagnosis: Alcoholism and Depression

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 16.6 million adults above the age of 18 and 697,000 adolescents met criteria for diagnosis with an alcohol use disorder in 2013. Alcoholism can cause many serious physical health problems, and it may also cause depression and other mental […]


Understanding Otolaryngology and Its Relevance to Your Life

Otolaryngology (pronounced oh-toe-lair-in-goll-oh-jee) is a strange word that not everyone can tell the meaning of. It actually refers to a medical specialty that deals with the medical management, surgical procedures and treatment of diseases of the ears, nose, throat and related areas around the head and neck. This medical specialization […]


How Addicts Become Addicts

Addiction is a strange thing. Becoming addicted to alcohol is different than becoming a drug addict. This is because there are simply different factors that lead to addiction to each substance. Some people can drink every day of their lives and not get addicted, yet they say when someone uses […]


Most Important Mental Health Risks Following an Accident

The victims of several types of accidents often have to live with many dangerous long-term medical issues. These people may experience constant health complicated conditions or long term disabilities. Many accident victims face different problems doing daily rooting works. In an unfortunate way, a few victims also have psychological illness […]