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ZeroBounce.net – Service Review

Email validation is a vital process for enterprises that intend to thrive online. Just as it is impossible for human beings to exist without an efficient and effective means of communication, businesses cannot survive online without a functional and productive email validation framework. ZeroBounce is a powerful email validation system at the top of its game, that’s ideal for enterprises dealing with large volumes of emails. It’s intended to ensure that your email campaign thrives and your business successfully establishes its online presence, by providing you with unrivaled invalid email detection features, ideal prices, and after hours support to ascertain you gain the most out of the service. Let’s zoom in and examine closely why ZeroBounce is considered one of the top email verification systems you are likely to come across online today.

Performance Enhancing and Convenient Features

Let’s start with setting things straight before we get lost in the world of the useful features that ZeroBounce has to offer. The ZeroBounce being referred here is the one found at https://www.zerobounce.net/ and not the WordPress plugin. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dig in.

Owing to the multitude of powerful features that ZeroBounce incorporates, it’s considered the most precise, efficient, and effective email validator that one can find online.

To begin with, it provides Spam Trap Detection; there are email addresses meant to trick your email campaign to send an email to a non-existent recipient. This is how ESPs (Email Service Providers) and alternative email services identify and single-out spammers and other malicious online email senders. When you send an email without checking whether there’s a real recipient on the other side, chances are that you are going to be considered a spammer by your ESP. You don’t want your enterprise to be categorized with such services or else you’ll be guilty by association and your email campaign will end up useless and a waste of time and money.

ZeroBounce utilizes a powerful algorithm that identifies such traps and keeps your email campaign away from them by verifying the authenticity of the email addresses acquired through your email campaign. Your chances of ever being categorized with such emails will be reduced to zero.

Furthermore, there is the Email Bounce Detection feature that will carefully analyze the nature of email addresses in your email campaign and determine whether there’s a valid user at the other end, or it’s another one of those dead-end email addresses. Email addresses that link to non-existent users will be singled out and discarded, leaving you with only those that are indeed valid; therefore, useful to your organization.

What other features?

Well, what about the Email Abuse Detection feature. This feature is intended to scan the email addresses gathered through your email campaign and identify the ones with a history of categorizing emails as spam when they are not. Once such addresses are set aside, your email campaign will be more successful since you’ll be dealing with only email addresses that are actually healthy for your business.

Perhaps you may want to check out the Toxic Domain Detection feature, which employs a robust algorithm that filters domains that have a reputation for spam, abuse, and bot generated emails. If you have not realized by now, there are many loopholes and traps that malicious individuals online are using to try and make your organization’s email campaign useless.

ZeroBounce has identified most of these loopholes and traps and has provided you with solutions to keep your business safe online. You can see that without this essential system, there’s no telling where your organization’s email campaign is likely to end up. However, with it, it stands a much better chance at surviving and converting those email addresses to revenue. ZeroBounce even has an email validation API that you can add to whatever email software your company is using, to validate emails.

Another significant aspect that’s unique to ZeroBounce is segmentation. This service has various features that can determine the gender of the individual behind an email address, the region, country, city, and their zip code. Segmentation enables an organization to tailor emails specifically for particular demographics like gender, or individuals from specific locations within a state, country, or continent. Emails that are personal are more effective and likely to be considered by their recipients compared to those that are general and targeted to no one in particular. ZeroBounce can automatically detect these aspects of email addresses, and with emails prepared for specific demographics or individuals from specific parts of the world, you’ll be able to reach out directly to them and make a better impression.


Did I mention that ZeroBounce is the fastest and most powerful email verification system around?

For as little as $10, you can have up to 5000 email addresses validated. All kinds of users have been considered and prices set accordingly.

The major plans start from $150, which gets you 100, 000 email validations. Next, for $250 you can have 250, 000 email validations. For $400, you get 500, 000 email validations, and for $750 up to 1, 000, 000 email validations.

“What is going to be checked?” you ask, well look at this:

  • Email Spam Trap Detection
  • Email Bounce Detection
  • Email Abuse Detection
  • Toxic Domain Detection
  • Disposable Email Detection
  • Catch-All Domain Detection
  • IP Information
  • Email Gender

On top of that, you get the email validation API, a selectable download option, and summary reports. You may have noticed that I’ve included way more features here than the ones I mentioned above. Nevertheless, I did mention earlier that ZeroBounce incorporates a multitude of convenient and performance-enhancing features. There is so much for you to appreciate about this email validation system.

User Reception and Feedback

Most people who have tried out and used the ZeroBounce email validation system can’t help but highlight the wonderful user support available. They have indicated that the user support is reliable, prompt, and helpful. One of the surest ways of telling a legit service is the quality of user support provided to back up the product. Users have also found the user interface the system uses to be very user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. There are also users who couldn’t help indicating that it’s the best email validation software that they’ve ever used. Users have found the features mentioned above to be very powerful, convenient, and precise. There is nothing as convincing as a product that says it does ABC and then goes ahead and delivers exactly what it says it does, and even more. Visit https://www.zerobounce.net/ and look at the user feedback to see for yourself what others think about this awesome email validation system.


ZeroBounce is the most preferred email verification system around. It’s packed with assorted powerful features that provide a solution for almost any obstacle an organization’s email campaign is likely to encounter. The system is the fastest of its kind, and it provides these amazing features at an affordable price. Most people who have used the email validation system have realized its significance and have been left with nothing but praise and recommendation for the service.

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