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XNSPY Review: What this iPhone Spyware App Does


XNSPY is an iPhone spyware app designed to let you track, monitor and control the activities of your employees, kids or even partner. Today’s digital age calls for keeping tabs on the people around you. When it comes to kids, especially teens, parents are always worried about where they are, what company they keep, how they represent themselves on social networks, whether or not they are safe. Similarly, employers want to be sure their employees are not misusing company’s resources, doing their work with responsibility, and not leaking out the company’s information. Partners, on the other hand, sometimes like to keep tabs of their significant other for reasons like infidelity to control alcohol or even pornography.

XNSPY Features at a Glance

This invisible spy app for iPhone has successfully established its online presence. For those of you who are wondering what this iPhone spyware app does, here is some light thrown on its features:


  • Phone Call Monitoring

This feature of the app lets you remotely check the call logs and contacts from the target device. You can view the dialed, received and missed calls. Time and date stamps are also visible. You can check the name and number of the caller too.


  • SMS and IM chats

Apart from just letting you view the sent and received SMSs, XNSPY also lets you check the IM chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line and Skype. You can also view the multimedia files shared via the social media apps.


  • GPS Location Tracking

If you want to track down someone’s location history, it’s easier than you could imagine. The app gives you a check of all the places visited by the person along with time and date of each visited location.


  • Call and Surround Recording

XNSPY lets you record the calls and surroundings of the target. It’s a great way of knowing what they are up to and what all those long conversations on the phone are about. It begins with sending an ambient recording command to the target device. You can record for up to 30 minutes. To continue recording, you simply need to send another command. You can also view time and date stamps for each surrounding recording.


  • App Blocking

A single command allows you to block and unblock an app on the target device. Apart from that, you can also adjust features settings and send remote commands to the device. In short, you can remotely control the device.


  • Email Monitoring and Browsing

This feature lets you keep track of all the emails on the target device. You can also snoop into the browsing history to find out the sites that are being visited and which ones have been bookmarked. Whether you are a parent, spouse or employer, this feature will keep you aware of what’s going on behind your back.


  • Geo Fencing

The geo fencing feature allows you to remotely monitor certain location and get alerts whenever someone enters or leaves that location. You can mark these areas either safe or unsafe. (This feature is only available for Jailbreak Edition)


  • Watchlist Alerts

You can add keywords and instant alerts on activities related to specific locations and contacts. It is a great feature to protect your kids from being contacted by strangers or bullies.


  • Remote screenshots

You don’t have to access the target device, XNSPY lets you remotely capture screenshots from your own screen. The target device will not even get the slightest hint that screenshots are being taken.

Downloading and Installation

XNSPY is not just a spy app for iPhone 10, it has an Android version too. An added advantage is that it can be installed on iPhones with or without jailbreak. If you have an iPhone that has been jailbroken already, the iPhone Jailbreak Edition is meant for you. It has a simple installation procedure, but for that, you will need the target device for a while. The iPhone No Jailbreak Edition, on the other hand, is meant for an iPhone that has not been jailbroken. There is no need to install XNSPY app for this purpose. You just need the iCloud credentials for monitoring the device.

Dashboard Monitoring

After the installation is complete, using the XNSPY web account, you log into the dashboard and start monitoring the target device. This iPhone spyware app works in complete stealth mode.

XNSPY syncs the data in the dashboard from the target device. There is a menu on the left from where you can navigate various tabs and access the information you need in particular. The dashboard always displays an overview graph of recent phone calls, text messages and a map showing the recent locations of the target device.


Surprisingly, this iPhone spyware app is not that expensive. Most of the spying apps these days come with a high price. Considering the features XNSPY is offering, it is actually worth the money. Parents and employers can afford to buy a monthly plan without breaking the plan. Have a look at the prices:

XNSPY Basic Edition: It starts from $8.33 per month

XNSPY Premium Edition: It starts from $12.49 per month


XNSPY is that spy app for iPhone 10 which is simple to use. It won’t be wrong to say that the features are worth the money. It is particularly useful for spouses and parents who are not that tech savvy but they still want to monitor the activities of their loved ones. The only thing that bothers most people about XNSPY is that it has no trial version. You directly have to spend money to find out if the app is worth it or not. Other than that, it is a valuable app for monitoring anyone’s activities.

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