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Vanguard Single Review

VanguardBanners_1Vanguard Single appears quite bland, yet for it’s purpose that doesn’t appear as an issue since it is easy to browse and operate. The information on the product they are selling is presented in the simplest way possible. Site has it’s faults and the first that get into attention are the huge commercial with description of the offer that is definitely out of proportion and search bar above it that is just as faulty and unnecessarily center-fixed.

It is laudable that the main product is visible throughout the home page since the site is first and foremost a purchase oriented one The updates on the newest of card packs are in a side bar just under an assurance on authority of the company that they offer the best regarding the quality and service. It shares the information needed in a visible and easily accessible way. Also, it is possible to make an account in case you want to become a regular customer and purchase online in a safe and guaranteed way.

It is an interesting quirk that “Mystery Packs” section is mysterious, since it is the only one not offering a descending menu. You can access the offer only by clicking on it People with no technical background would definitely appreciate the simplicity and ease of navigation in this site It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you don’t feel overwhelmed by unnecessary information, but the presentation of the site needs to be worked on a bit more

The red, white and blue color scheme goes together very well and is effective but should be used more around the site so you can show it off and also liven up the site with the colors of the brand. The content flows well because everything is in the appropriate place and it is very easy to read-the less huge chunks of text, the better! Due to the simplicity of the site it is very fast loading and has no glitches no matter what browser you are using.

An honest suggestion for cardfight vanguard Australia improvement is to take a page from some of the similarly themed sites, e.g. those promoting trading card games and working on their sales. “Magic the Gathering” or “Yu Gi Oh” are certainly the best used as role models here.

Those who play or are a fans of such games and gaming in general would surely appreciate a site that is lively and representing of the game the site is oriented on Some animations or active slide-shows would be more than welcome to appear on home page as it is the first thing to be seen once you enter the site

Other than this, the site is functional, purposeful and easy to navigate through.

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