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Top 7 Apps for City Wandering

lakeSometimes you need to go on a date. A date with the city. To wander through its streets, to breathe its atmosphere, to overhear some stories and watch people like you. Of course, you don't do it alone, your smartphone is always with you on the go. There are some definite apps which suite such silent walks most of all, and App Store won't be able to precise them. But we will.

Free MP3Box

How can you imagine walking around the city without making it a movie with a suitable soundtrack. Impossible. Then, the right music player for this purpose is Free MP3Box, as it streams the music tracks so that they don't litter your iPhone space, and at the same time it may choose the right audio path for your mood.

You can use various hashtags to indicate your mood or music preferences. Type #top100 #rock or even #sad and get corresponding music tracks. The same principle works with free radio stations, so, getting to walking with this app you may be sure that you will discover new music streets which will fit perfectly into your brain streets.

Google Maps

Google Maps are the widely known helpers not to get lost. They indicate house numbers, city names and some meaningful places, show you the right way and the hidden paths. If you have a certain destination, you can type it and get the location easily. And if there is no final point, you just will be sure to find the way out from the place your thoughts will drive you to. Though they say that sometims it’s great to get lost in unknown city streets, it’s better with Google Maps app.


If you don't know where to go or need to get a review about some place, then, Foursquare is your choice. There you can find a lot of data on any café, place or house in your city. Your city-mates who have already been there took the bother to add theit opinions and photos for all those places.

And with Foursquare’s brother Swarm and its check-ins you can experience some unexpected meetings with involved friends.There are different levels of privacy so that you can get push notifications from friends when they are nearby, in city or wherever. Comment on checkins, ad likes and get involved in the discussions to decide which city cafe is actually the best.

Free WiFi Map

If your connection is lame, you can find and connect to the networks in the air. That app really exists, and here all the users collect WiFi names and passwords for you. They carefully wrote all the required data on the map so you can find the place of interest and then check if there are some networks available.


When walking, a lot of thoughts seem to pass by. Don't forget to write them down in a cross-platform app like Evernote to take afterwards. May be once they will serve as the base for your first novel masterpiece?

As for the app itself, it is just splendid as it can serve both note-taking and to-do list apps, is provided with a lot of useful features like search bar, alarms and shortcuts. Besides, its interface is eye-calming and laconic, giving your creativity a lot of blank place to color.


Sometimes you see a breathtaking pic and can't but capture it. Post it on the Instagram with the suitable filter, add location and hashtags and you will be the one to write your city image to some extent.

And if some photos are meaningful only for to, use direct messages right in the app. This can lead to a captivating ‘where-is-this-house” game and add a gaming point to your walk. Just be creative and look at some things from a different angle.

Battery Extender

Well. Actually, that's the most useful app. If you use your phone in an active way, it will soon get tired of you. But Battery Extender will prolong its life by whispering you some battery-saving secrets. Some means of battery economy will be released right on the spot, and some will require your actions. But if you do pay attention to this last recommendation, your city walk will be unforgettable!

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