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Muvi – OTT Video & Audio Streaming Platform for Content Creators – Review

tgerMuvi is a new and revolutionary online video platform designed for content creators that want to outclass everyone else. It manages to do that by providing instant access to broadcasting of both Live content and On-demand videos, hence allowing its users to create their own websites similar to Netflix, YouTube or TwitchTv. And while there is definitely competition out there, provided mainly by the big players, there are quite a couple reasons why Muvi is worth a try. Here are a couple of the most notable features of the platform:

– Freedom and multi-screen experience
You can use Muvi with your private domain name, without any labels and mentions of the creator platform. This along with the innovative CMS grants total freedom, and option to distribute the content evenly on multiple screens. Muvi enables you to launch instantly and even airplay the content, hence providing access to multiple users in one go. What’s more, the platform even comes with its own development apps for iOS, Android and Chromecast, thus facilitating the experience more than ever. It’s 1-click drag, no coding, fully fledged experience!

– Multiple ways of monetizing content
One can opt for the popular subscription-based plans, where annual or recurring payments can be accepted. Muvi also gives you the option of providing free trials as to entice user, in addition to providing support for pay-per-view content, which is a great way for shelling money for those who are just starting out. Additionally, video advertising and coupons make content creation more profitable than ever, since users are always on the lookout for something new and interesting. We should also mention the multi-currency support, which stretches all the way from conventional currencies such as USD and Euros and up to Yuans and Bitcoins. Pre-paid videos are also a great way of making money from coming-soon content which is expected by everyone.

– A video player that is better than ever
Muvi provides a video player that is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, being perfectly suited for HTML5 devices. It comes complete with support for video advertising, dual video, and subtitles. Live (audio + video) streaming is supported and encouraged, while security by several layers of firewall and 128bit SSL encryptions. Muvi is also multi-lingual, meaning it can be used in as many as 40 different languages and provides partner support meaning that you can connect and share your website’s performance with the other selected partners.

– Ability to create an impressive design, yet it’s all up to you
Your own design can be easily added through the means of CSS and HTML protocols. There is complete flexibility in this regard, and changes can be made at any given time. The chosen logo can be displayed anywhere from main page and up to apps and video player. Muvi also provides dynamic menus which can be structured and improved on-the-fly through content, categories, support tree and external links. A simple swipe is enough to improve the looks of your newly created website. Multi-store support is also available.

– All the marketing tools which you may need are integrated!
If you happen to need SEO reports and audits, social media integration and email marketing, then Muvi can definitely help you. From social logins and registrations and up to email marketing with just a touch of a button, everything is included in the platform. Moreover, reports of video views (for each item) and integration of Google Analytics are also provided for your convenience.

– Safe infrastructure in the cloud
Never worry about server maintenance and hacker attacks again. Muvi platform is hosted on the Cloud, meaning that it can provide up to 99.9% uptime for its users and faster access to multimedia content. The traffic and streaming times are also unrestricted, so you can greatly benefit from them. In addition, the platform comes with a built-in CDN and server-side firewall, so you are ensured to get leading infrastructure, just as YouTube and Amazon do!

These are the reasons why you should consider Muvi as your preferred platform for content creation and distribution. It is still not very known out there since it doesn’t resort to watermarking of content or traffic limitation as other portals out there do. Yet this is another reason to profit from it while it’s still at the beginning, they definitely did a good job with their platform and deserve to have many users on-board. So, why not start your own video business right now? You can easily earn more money than YouTube stars thanks to Muvi!

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