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Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips For Home Entertainment Products

marketingAs a business owner who sells home entertainment products such as pool tables, bar stools, pub signs, home theater seating, etc, you know that you have to market your products rather aggressively in order to beat out the competition. If you’re not yet using Pinterest as a part of your marketing plan, you should consider doing so as this very popular pinboard-style, photo-sharing site provides you with the ultimate platform to showcase those items you sell. Here are a few tips you can use to help you market your home entertainment goods on Pinterest.

Target Your Ideal Audience

In order for your pins and boards to be appealing to your targeted audience, be sure that you focus providing your ideal customer with useful or inspiring information related to your pool tables, bar stools, etc. You can do this by posting beautiful images that draw people in and by using creative titles. Make sure that your board covers feature bright, vibrant colors. If you’re offering something special like a seasonal sale wherein you’re trying to sell some new home entertainment items, consider curating a board of current seasonal trends.

Use Keywords So People Can Find your Products

Pinterest allows you to optimize a pin for keyword searching by adding hashtags that users are likely to use if they’re looking for something specific such as bar stools. When you add keywords to your descriptions you’re able to reach out to a very wide audience which will help you greatly in building your brand and selling the products you offer.

Run a Few Contests

Contests provide a real incentive for customers to interact with you on Pinterest. You could run a contest where pinners are asked to create the ultimate home entertainment room with the most popular room being the winner of the prize you offer. If you’re excited about a new product you have in stock, make that your prize as doing so will help you spread the word about that product which in turn will help with sales.

Don’t Look Like a Sales Catalog

The visual nature of Pinterest makes this platform the ideal way to provide customers with a glimpse into the heart of your brand. The more you let your brand show some personality, the better. You can have a board for each of your home entertainment products if you wish but only include photos of the products being used in real people’s homes. Don’t just pin all product shots. Brands that do this often fail on Pinterest because it’s rather cold and impersonal. Use your creativity and think like a consumer does when browsing Pinterest so you’ll be able to connect with that user in a human way.

Highlight How People Use Your Products

Since you sell home entertainment products such as used pool tables, you have the ideal opportunity to take photos of people trying out the tables on your showroom floor. You could build an entire board of customer photos like this and then link to those customers’ Pinterest accounts in your pin descriptions. These types of photos featuring your products and real people will help to inspire those out there who are thinking of buying similar items into coming into your store to so they can see, touch and try out your products in person.

Carrie Fox has been a Pinterest fan for a few years. She loves to collect and organize beautiful images for home and gardening.

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