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Qualities of a Successful YouTube Video

quality-effective-videoThere are millions of YouTube videos out there with a variety of topics. If you truly want to have one of the top videos among your intended category or idea, you need to take a look at these 10 YouTube video qualities you need. In these 10 qualities you will find yourself in a position to take on the role of a very popular and successful YouTube video creator.


Make your YouTube video crazy and by that I don't mean to make a video of yourself eating a pencil. Though, that classifies as crazy I mean it in a more surprising and outgoing way. Get out there, don't be afraid to fail, when I mean crazy I mean go and do whatever it is you want and don't hold back. Be wild and energetic people love to see this in their YouTube videos.


Take everything to heart, especially YouTube videos. If you put in the effort and hard work into your YouTube video, you need to take it all personal. If you're not getting enough views work toward making sure you are doing the best you can do, that's all you can ask of yourself. Just be sure to take you YouTube videos personal, so that you will be motivated to work harder to get more views and positive feedback.


There is nothing better than a homemade video unleashed onto YouTube. Viewers love real, if the piece is real it comes off as genuine and allows the audience to relate to the video. Real videos can come in many forms, but if it wasn't staged it won't matter because real is what sells. Though, you cannot get this only hope to acquire through life experiences.


If you want to make a statement you must have your YouTube video inform the public. Doesn't matter the topic in which you inform the masses, there will be people from all over the world with different interests and no worries people will listen to you. You must make sure you are factual when you report and make an informative video so that there is no backlash. Lying in a YouTube video is like lying in real life, it gets you nowhere and people don't like it.


If you truly want to make an impact on the YouTube community you must make something from the heart. Whether it be something that happened to you, something you want to advocate or just something that you make in hopes of pumping people up, inspiring people is the way to go. People go to YouTube all the time to see something that really touches them, if you can inspire the people on YouTube you really have done well. People need inspiration in their lives and for someone to help them accomplish that is really one of the world's greatest deeds.


Completing a cool feat is nice, but completing an amazing feat and posting on YouTube is even better. People love to see things that they cannot do. And this is not a shot at the viewers of YouTube, rather a compliment to the person who achieved the amazing feat we all are watching. It could be a cool goal in soccer or a ping pong ball throw that bounces off multiple items. Amazing is something that grabs the attention of the audience and really tightens that grip and doesn't let go. If you have a video of something amazing that is truly a great quality of the YouTube video.


Sometimes voicing your opinion is okay. YouTube is a place whether opinions are widely accepted. It can be anything, from what you thought of the game last night to a political rant about the presidential races. It's okay to build an authoritative voice on YouTube, if people like what you have to say they will listen. Watch as your video grows into a hit and the topic you chose to speak about, that community of listeners will view you as a true figure.


One of the best qualities a YouTube video can have is to be funny. Everyone loves to laugh and if you can create a video that does so, the views and hits your video gets will be racking up. This can be done in several ways, through the use of slapstick comedy, jokes or just a funny story that happened. A majority of the YouTube community has seen a funny video before and who can blame them. Funny videos aren't something you can fake though, if you're not funny then you're not funny. I'm sorry but that is the way the world works. If you yourself can't make a funny video you may be able to get a shot of someone else doing something funny, or possibly be so unfunny that people laugh at your misfortune.


If you really want to venture out into the deep end with your YouTube video, you should try something that nobody has done before. Of course I can't give you any ideas, because I'm not a very original guy, but if you can make up something that hasn't been done kudos to you. People love to see the next big thing or the newest thing out there and if you can beat everyone to the punch you will without a doubt be in possession of a successful YouTube video.


Another way to grab the YouTube views attention is to be sincere when you create a video. Posting a video that is sincere and warm-hearted will get the communities attention by touching them on the inside. Nobody likes to see people only making a video for bad intentions, but rather good and whole-hearted ones. A sincere YouTube video can truly be successful if you really want it to be.

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