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Use Social Media to Improve SEO – There Are 5 Unusual Tips

2We all know that improving SEO is the first place in every marketing strategy, but can we use some new places for that? Social media is recognized as the most approachable for the finding and functioning the real marketing.

Quality preparation and making the satisfying source on social media can result in with the more traffic to your web place. For the best result, adopt these five tips for that purpose.

  1. Build link where is your channel on social media

Once time ago, the only thing you needed to do is to build link and Google would put a high value on it without considering the real value of that link. But, after the people used this method for manipulating and changing the real expectation and interests from the users, Google has changed it. Now, you should put a reliable link if you want to be considered in SEO marketing.

On the other side, link to the social media is always high ranked in Google. So, next time when you use a link to your website, put it on your profile on social media, besides the content you already put on the web. And every new content, video or photo, put directly on your profile, together with the website. That will attract a new audience to your site.

  1. Become a friend with your followers

It’s not only important to have followers on your profile, it’s also important to make quality followers. Those are followers who will wait for your new content, understand what you do, and share your content to other places on the web. That’s not something which you can make overnight, you should make friendship and always keep interaction between you and them. Fake likes can be not only irrelevant but can lead to the penalty from the Google.

Imagine your followers as your group of known and trustworthy people, as you perhaps have in real life, too.

  1. Your content must be interesting to search and share

Maybe the best social media for business is Pinterest. All content made for that media are interesting to the audience and more than 70% of people share it on their profiles. Things on the Pinterest are colorful, creative and imaginative, so people immediately stick to it.

Every social media offers an option of keeping the profile private, but you should open it to be public. That’s the only way to stay connected with the audience and change the strategy and approach. Every interested person must have an option to easily find you on a search engine, too.

  1. Keywords are simply way to make a campaign with your post

2As on every other content and website, keywords are important in your profile, too. It’s much easier on some social networks, like Pinterest, where you can be much higher ranked thank to the well-chosen keywords, or on YouTube where keywords can make searching much easier to the new followers.

The searchable profile is the first thing you should prepare for social media campaign, and keywords will do that much easier than any other tool. Over YouTube, interested followers can easily reach to your Facebook and Twitter profile, and then to your website.

  1. Make your own local list of the followers

You can use Google+ to make your own list of address and information important to you and your job. Your customers, on the other hand, can review your job thanks to the Google and it will increase the possibility of the recommendation and support from the Google. So, your business has to have a local list on Google+.

Local SEO can be also supported by making a map on the Facebook profile, which allows to the customers easy finding but also gives you a high place on the customers list. Simply, they will find you much easier.

So, whatever you do and which business you have, social media is important to place your future strategy.


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