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Want To Attract More Organic Traffic On Your Facebook? Try The Following Tips

job and facebookOrganic traffic is the traffic that comes genuinely on your Facebook. It is unpaid traffic and to bring such traffic organic traffic can have great benefits for your Facebook profile. Organic traffic can increase number of shares and likes of your posts, All this makes it necessary to have it as much as possible. So here are some steps to do so.

  • Be A Proactive User

Try to be consistent in your posting rate and keep that rate high. If you are running a business page, keep your page updated with pictures of your new stock. Keep on conducting polls about whether your audience likes your recent products or not. Keep your page filled with the contact information like phone numbers. Contact mails etc., so that their queries get solved which will you to get more Facebook likes.

If you were running a personal account, try to do quality posts. You can post different locations, post about the dancy dinner you had last night. The skill you are learning or had mastered whatever it is guitar, dancing, painting, etc. The thing is, you have to keep it engaging.

  • Build Your Network

Facebook is a large community of people, everyone looking for acceptance and appreciation. Everyone out there likes compliments, so use them for your favour. Try to like other posts, tag other people, comment on their posts. This will bring you to the notice of other people, and they will start paying attention to your posts.

  • To Use Other Pages As Tools

Getting started is the toughest part, so using a boost can be highly helpful. Try to put pages of other links on your feed. These links can contain anything from news to diet plans, skincare tips, to spiritual talks. This can help you o get a decent number of followers.

You can also discuss political issues, The global issues like the coronavirus. Try to give your honest opinion on the topic and solution for the issue. Have healthy discussions on it with others. Another important thing is to make influential connections and collaborate with other influencers who have a larger than you. Ensure that rather than just emailing them randomly, there are some tools present online that can help you top get influencers. Tools like buzz sumo are great to get influencers.

  • Be Genial To Others

Everyone likes to get pampered, even if it’s real-world or Facebook. So try to be nice and reply to others in comments and DMs. If anyone comes to you with a problem, try your best to give them a solution. This will pay you in unexpected ways.

  • Contribute To Society

Try to post the thing which can create an impact on other lives. Talk about social issues and contribute to solving them. Be a part of an NGO and encourage others to do the same. It can help you to build a good reputation on Facebook. It can help you to build authority, among others, and people will take your actions more seriously.

  • Watch And Learn The Game.

As you know, the experience is the best teacher, so try to learn from these two has it. Closely observe how public figures and renowned influencers run their game. See how they speak and what their body language is. At last, the thing is you have to get into the water to measure its depth. So you have to learn while playing.

Why Prefer Organic Traffic Over A Fake One

  • Its highly temporary

The problem with fake traffic is that it’s not permanent. One day you have it, and the very next day, it’s gone. Moreover, it is easy to find whether you have a real audience or not, which, if it happens, can seriously harm your reputation.

  • Engagement Is High In Organic Traffic.

Fake traffic can give you likes and comments, but Engagement is not possible in fake traffic. It is important to have an active audience as they are the ones who will regularly like your posts.

  • Organic Traffic Shows Exponential Growth.

Organic traffic increases the number of shares of your posts. It will increase the number of likes and comments on your posts. Fake traffic won’t share your posts, which in turn means no more likes, comments, and an increase in traffic.

There are some ways to identify whether traffic is fake. If you witness rapid fluctuations in traffic like it increases rapidly or experiences a sudden drop. Secondly, most of your traffic uses the same browser. Fake traffic engagement is very low. It usually has been profile for a few minutes, then leave it. Such kind of traffic comes under a fake one.

On the contrary hand, organic traffic traits are different. Growth in number is slow, but sure, Engagement is high. if you own a business page number of sales will also be high than the page that has fake traffic.

These are the points to understand whether the traffic you are having is real or fake.


Organic traffic is better than to buy Facebook page likes any day. It can help you get more shares, more likes, and comments on your posts. Although organic traffic gets build over time and needs patience, you can get it real soon by using these tips.

If you have any questions, please ask below!