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The Face Of Social Medin In 2023: 7 Trends To Evolve With

There’s no surprise that most people today spend a good part of their day scrolling social media. It’s evident from the fact that nearly 5 billion global users regularly use social media. With so many benefits of social media, it is an integral part of people’s life.

Considering the importance of social media, businesses depend highly on various social platforms to connect with their target consumers. This, unfortunately, has made the competition very high, and it’s hard for businesses to stand out without a compelling social media strategy. However, by staying updated with the latest social media marketing trends, businesses can strengthen their marketing game and improve their social strategy.

So, if you are trying hard to develop a strong strategy to uplift your business, here are 7 of the best social media trends 2023 you must know of.

Social Media Trends For Businesses in 2023

(1) “Edutainment” Content Will Dominate

Edutainment (education + entertainment) has changed the way kids learn and grow. However, it’s no more just for the kids now. Some selected industries have started creating informative and entertaining content. Hence, it is anticipated that the year 2023 will see a rise in more and more industries tapping into “edutainment”.

Numerous Fintech companies successfully created mindful, save-worthy content last year. For reference, check out Chime’s Tik Tok account. They create content with a perfect balance between helpful tips on money management and jokes on relatable financial issues.

So, in 2023, businesses must ditch the outdated, standard concept of providing lifehack to feature their products. Instead, they should brainstorm leveraging short-video platforms like TikTok or Instagram for their benefit.

(2) Short-Video Content Will Continue To Rise

2023 is the year of videos, it’s going to stay, and there’s no second thought about it. During the times when Tik Tok took off, brands had to delegate video creation tasks as an additional responsibility to their digital media team.

But today, when an average American is spending 80 minutes of their day watching Tik Tok, brands have realised that it has become the “trend” today.

In 2023, futuristic companies will invest more in video production tools and human resources to stand out in the new digital media landscape.

Businesses should start planning new resources that could dedicatedly work on video production. Also, they should have a clear vision of what can possibly be done with the video production staff.

(3) Social Commerce Will Rise

Last year, shopping on social media emerged. Consumers turned to platforms like Instagram for in-app purchases using “save later” buttons. The year 2023 will continue to see a rise in this trend.

Research shows that one in five Millennial, Gen Z and Gen X social media users purchased a product on a social media platform in the last three months.

In-app sales have also increased by social media marketers, as indicated by 47% of those surveyed. This is another indication of a rise in social shopping. Features like “Facebook Shops” have driven more and more consumers to purchase on social media.

Further, Instagram is a top choice when it comes to in-app purchases experience. Marketers also believe it provides the best marketing tools and ROI.

In 2023, businesses should see if they can join the social commerce bandwagon and what all necessary actions they need to take.

(4) Social Media Becomes The New Search Engine

According to HubSpot, nearly 87% of digital marketers believe that consumers in 2023 will move to social media for brand search and ditch search engines.

HubSpot’s survey discovered that 24% of customers aged 18 to 54 are using social media platforms for brand search. This is because young consumers look for more visual-rich search results.

  • Include relevant keywords and hashtags in their posts and bio.
  • Ensure their username is easily searchable.
  • Use a consistent username across all accounts.

(5) Influencers Marketers Will Collab With Micro-Influencers

In 2023, more and more marketers will collaborate with micro-influencers for their campaigns. This strategy offers access to an engaged, close-knit audience, is more affordable, and builds long-term relationships.

Unlike earlier days when the follower count was the prime focus, influencer marketing is all about brand alignment and content quality today.

Using this strategy, even small brands looking to establish their foot in the digital benefit can also benefit. Hence, this trend is going to rise in 2023.

(6) More AI-Recommended Content On Social Platforms

In 2023, AI is expected to have an even greater impact, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users can anticipate an increase in AI-driven content recommendations aimed at enhancing user engagement.

Facebook is already taking steps towards this direction by implementing measures that display more recommended content on a user’s newsfeed. This move is reminiscent of the For You page on TikTok, making it possible for users to discover content similar to their interests.

(7) Human Touch To Get Bigger

In 2022, the phenomenon of user-generated content gained significant attention. Companies such as Daniel Wellington and Dove encouraged their followers to participate in their campaigns or produce content showcasing their brands.

This trend is believed to rise in popularity in the coming year. That’s because brands utilise the power of human influence to foster authenticity and increase audience engagement. As companies become more interactive, they may adopt a more casual approach to audience involvement, using conversational language and taking steps to make their reputation more relatable and accessible to their target audience, as opposed to the meticulously curated idea that audiences have grown accustomed to seeing.

Ready To Pump Up Your Social Media Marketing?

Social media presents numerous prospects for marketers and businesses. However, it requires skills to discern when and where to connect with your audience. The above social media marketing trends in 2023 can help businesses and marketers to create a strong social strategy to withstand the cut-throat competition.

Sit with the team, brainstorm on trends you can include in your social marketing strategy and start working on them before it gets too late.

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