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How To Live Stream On Instagram?

Live streaming has become the latest trend for marketing any product or brand in the current era of digitalization. It has become a favorite tool for digital marketers and a core part of marketing strategies. It has been in news and created a buzz on the internet industry ever since its existence. It has been observed in the past few years, live video content is likely to engage more audiences than any other form of marketing. People tend to watch a live video longer as compared to on-demand videos. If stats are to be checked a large percentage of audiences are likely to get engaged with the live video of a brand rather than graphic or written social media content.

As live streaming was initially introduced by periscope later other social media platforms started offering the same and in no time battle has been on to serve the best live streaming solutions. Following the footsteps, Instagram started offering Instagram live streaming services that help many brands to expand globally. Instagram has been one of the most common apps among gen-next. If a brand targets gen z live broadcast on Instagram serve the purpose as it is likely to find its potential target customers around the world thereby resulting in expanding brands reach.

You don’t want your brand to lack behind in the digital race and lag in quality when it comes to Live stream on Instagram Live.

As soon as you start to live stream, Instagram Live allows brands and customers to interact in real-time by enabling commenting during Live broadcast. The most loved comments can be pinned up at the top by the broadcaster. Live webcast on Instagram stays up to a 24-hour timeline once the live webcast on Instagram gets over. It allows the audience to catch the missed live broadcast on Instagram. Once you hit the “Go Live” button you will be streaming live in no time. The followers of the brand page or account are notified as soon as you start your live broadcast on Instagram. Live webcast on Instagram is displayed at the top with a highlight and a “live” badge. When one scrolls the feed it can easily catch the sight of a potential customer. Live broadcast services for Instagram have played a major role in its immense popularity across the globe. Instagram soon introduced Instagram live streaming services soon after Instagram stories. Instagram live webcasting solutions became popular in no time. Live streaming on Instagram became popular in no time and is one of the most powerful marketing tools for digital marketers.

A brand can webcast brand events, behind the scene scenarios, authentic content, host interactive sessions like Q & A, live chats, polls, quizzes to engage audiences around the world through a live webcast on Instagram. It helps the brand to launch a new product and reach millions around the globe with a single click. Live streaming on Instagram comes with various merits but some broadcasters are not aware of how to live webcasts on Instagram to get a wider reach? How to invite viewers to catch your live stream on Instagram live? How to promote your live webcast on Instagram to get many views and clicks? In this article, we have shared anultimate guide to live webcast on Instagram.

How To Live Webcast On Instagram?

Starting a live stream on Instagram is not as tough as it seems to be. It’s super quick and easy. One can live broadcast on Instagram from any device whether a smartphone or laptop. Here are some tips to follow to live webcast on Instagram.

  • Firstly, tap on the camera icon or click on the +icon from where you make Insta stories.
  • Once you enter the stories section, it will give you various options of modes to choose from starting from standard, boomerang, GIFs, rewind, hands-free, etc. Reach the live video mode by swiping.
  • Once you enter the live video mode you can see a button that states “ start live video”. Before hitting the live button you need to configure other things as well.
  • Before opting to live stream on Instagram live by clicking on “start live video” set your Instagram story settings. To access the settings for your live broadcast on Instagram, you simply need to click on the icon on the screen which is placed in the top left corner. This will take you to the setting page and you can adjust settings accordingly before you start your live broadcast on Instagram.
  • You can select whether to keep your live stream on Instagram live private or public as per the need of your brand. You can allow a specific set of audience to access your live broadcast on Instagram by changing its settings before going live. You can even disable comments and messages from certain people during the live webcast on Instagram by adjusting settings.
  • Click on “Done” once you are done with configuring the settings and we are all set to stream live on Instagram.
  • Check the reliability of the internet connection and bandwidth before going live as live stream holds a large number of audiences from around the world.
  • Live broadcast on Instagram can last up to 1 hour.
  • Set up your equipment, fix network issues, before you opt to live stream on Instagram live to make your brand event success without having to fall flat on the face. A lot of brands opt for a dedicated live streaming company that offers Instagram live streaming services. The Instagram live streaming company helps in delivering professional live broadcast on Instagram that engages more audience around the world.

Managing Live Webcast On Instagram Is A Must

Managing live broadcasts on Instagram is a tricky task to accomplish if you do not follow the right approach. Once you live stream on Instagram live, a push notification will be sent to your followers inviting them to catch the live webcast on Instagram before it ends. As the audience scroll through the news feeds, a live badge displayed over the brand profile at the top catches attention quite easily.

Live stream on Instagram live allows viewers to add hearts and leave a comment. You can pin the most lovable comments at the top which act as an influencer for other customers and can restrict and report inappropriate comments. Keep interacting with your audience during the Instagram live stream and answer the most valuable and appropriate questions by viewers.

Keep repeating the topic during live webcasts on Instagram in short intervals as everyone is not tuned in since the beginning. As soon as you get over with your brand events live webcast on Instagram, allow it to get saved in the camera roll.

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