The Most Popular WordPress Hosting Providers

ihugfhj WordPress, officially released on May 27, 2003, can be described as a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that is based on MySQL and PHP. It can be installed on a web server that is a network host or part of an internet hosting service. One would use the basic case of just or another second example may be done in a computer operating the software package as You can use your local computer for learning purposes or single-testing. Statistics have shown that WordPress was actually used by more than 27.5% of the top ten million websites as of February 2017. It is therefore reportedly the most used and popular website management system supporting an estimated 60+ million blogs and websites.

WordPress works best in a rich hosting environment. Since it is the world’s most popular website building tool, it is definitely very good. It gives you an awesome setup coupled with various themes to choose from so as to completely simplify your work. It also contains advanced plugins that will definitely simplify the web designing process. You can then proceed and include very powerful features with just a few clicks. Design is never a walk in the park. Most people may not possess the best detailed eyes for making a good design, it is a technical skill and also a talent, ranging from applying suitable typographical features, appropriate colors to the technical aspects. When you can get most of the work done for you perfectly, it is an advantage. Proper designs make certain good things stand out from the rest of the chaff. There are other consultancies and professionals that can always assist you prepare a good website for your visitors.

We often overlook the part of selecting a good WordPress host for our articles and other materials. It is important to note that this is one of the most fundamental steps into starting a very good and successful website. When you have the best host, you can actually increase sales and significantly improve the quality of your SEO. Different typologies exist in hosting including free, shared, VPS, Managed, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting. This article can assist you make a good decision while choosing a specific one for yourself. Some the best WordPress Hosting companies include the following ones.



It is arguably the most used and highest rated hosted in the WordPress community. With a unique in-house speed and security features, you expect it to be as fast as possible. Clients have rated its customer care services as among the best in the entire industry working around the clock. It contains other unique features such as built-in-WP caching, automatic upgrades, CDN, GIT version control and one-click staging. It is amongst the few providers with location specific hosting. SiteGround has 3 data centers in USA, Europe and Asia.


It is among the oldest hosts dating way back to 1996. It is reportedly the biggest brand in the market as far as WordPress hosting is concerned. They are actually officially recommended by WordPress itself. One of its advantages is stabilizing the internet traffic and ensuring you can always do your jobs at a reasonable speed. So, you do not have to worry about web traffic. Their customer services runs around the clock to always assist users who can contact them through emails, phone or live internet chats. They top the list in hosting small businesses. They provide several offers to their users.


It begun in 1998 and is currently powering over a million websites. It is recognized as one of the best brands in hosting WordPress. It is a good one for anyone who wants to begin using WordPress since it also supports a 24/7 customer care service. It is always up and rarely goes off. They offer a free drag and drop builder, free website security and all other components
that you may require for a successful website. It is budget friendly with numerous offers and also a free domain host.


Supports an estimated 8 million domains in the hosting industry making it very popular. Like the other top companies, you can install WordPress in a split second through a simple click. It also supports customer services around the clock and 99.9% uptime. It is ideal for businesses and a reliable choice for every website owner.


It has provided hosting services for the past 18 years. It is popular for easier hosting with some customized features. These are one-click WordPress installation, custom dashboard, unlimited space, continuous automatic WordPress updates, unlimited bandwidth and free SSDs. This accelerates your website nearly two hundred times. It hosts an estimated 600,000 blogs by WordPress and websites. They don not charges and you also obtain a domain all for no fees. Are you ready to make your website the best in the game? Take up this information and more.

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