The Best Web Hosting Companies for 2016

HostingWeb hosting companies simply rent you space on the Internet to place your website. Along with this service there are usually perks offered to differentiate one service from the myriad of others. Some key points that we will be looking at here including security, service quality, support and of course the value. We will be looking at five popular web hosting companies in this list. GoDaddy, 1&1 Web Hosting, DreamHost, SiteGround and OrangeWebsite.

While all of the companies on the list have excellent track record on customer support and they all provide wide variety of services. Some companies perform better in certain area.

DreamHost: Great Choice for WordPress users

DreamHost is hosting respectable over 1.7 million websites and has plenty of satisfied customers within its region. Managed WordPress hosting solution gives significant benefit for bloggers and other users with WordPress systems. The company is Los Angeles based and hosting its servers in the USA. Therefore, it might be well suitable for general US clients. Being around since 1997 DreamHost definitely deserves to be on the list.

Total score: 8.6

Most affordable hosting plan: $7.95 USD per month
Available payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Checking Account, Money Order.
Anonymous sign-ups: Not available!
Support rating: 8 / 10

1&1 Web Hosting: Good for Beginners

1&1 Web Hosting is a German based company owned and operated by United Internet. Company offers wide variety of hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated servers. 1&1 Web Hosting has been a good choice for many web hosting users and is an attractive option for beginners due to extra services provided.

Total score: 8.9

Most affordable hosting plan: $6.99 USD per month
Available payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards.
Anonymous sign-ups: Not available!
Support rating: 7 / 10

GoDaddy: Great Domain Registrar

GoDaddy is one of the leaders in the United States as far as domain registration goes. They have recently dropped their marketing campaign involving sexual innuendo due to pressure from activist groups but that has not stopped them from continuing to dominate with domain registration. GoDaddy's claim to fame is cheap first year pricing on domain names. Unfortunately, GoDaddy's hosting services are rather basic and they do not accept Bitcoin or anonymous sign-ups. GoDaddy still climbs high up on our list due to their exceptional customer service.

Total score: 9.1

Most affordable hosting plan: $7.99 USD per month
Available payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill.
Anonymous sign-ups: Not available!
Support rating: 9 / 10

SiteGround: Excellent Service but not Enough Private

SiteGround attempts to take on the winning seat on many levels but falls just short on a few important matters. Services provided meet with professional standards and technical support is friendly and helpful. While the services offered by SiteGround are top quality, they lack in the privacy area. While SiteGround operates under multiple jurisdictions in Europe and America it is also not the best option for all types of websites. We also expected to see wider selection of payment methods available.

Total score: 9.5

Most affordable hosting plan: $7.95 USD per month
Available payment options: Credit Cards.
Anonymous sign-ups: Not available!
Support rating: 8.5 / 10

OrangeWebsite: The Best Webhosting Company in Terms of Privacy

OrangeWebsite can be called the best webhosting company when it comes to privacy. It offers something the rest on this list simply can't. Offshore hosting location in Iceland, which values freedom of speech and protection of its citizens and websites located there. Hosting in Iceland gives also lower latency to both, North America and Europe. This way serving visitors from both major market areas equally well.

Privacy concerns are all taken care of in the standard packages without having to resort to costly add-on purchases. OrangeWebsite provides a wide variety of different domain extension and other additional services. On top of the list to mention affordably priced DDoS attack protection services that become useful in case your website is attacked.

Additionally, OrangeWebsite services can be used completely anonymously. This is ideal for anyone, even for whistleblowers or activists. By offering payment via Bitcoin, OrangeWebsite operates without knowing anything other than the content you make available on your website. This also makes them the most secure hosting provider.

Total score: 9.7

Most affordable hosting plan: $3.90 USD per month
Available payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Worldcoin, Money order.
Anonymous sign-ups: Available!
Support rating: 9.5 / 10

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