Hoverwatch Smartphone Tracker Review

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to track a smartphone? There can be many reasons for wanting to do this, especially for safety. As we now live in an age where technology is dominating daily life, it seems important to consider how we can stay secure. The digital age doesn’t just pose a threat, but also solutions too. Here we take a look at smartphone tracking. Let’s begin.

The Hoverwatch smartphone tracker is a great piece of technology that can really make your life easier. Anyone with kids knows how stressful it can be not knowing who they are talking to on the phone or online. But the Hoverwatch technology isn’t just for kids, even businesses can find the tracker useful. The mobile tracker system isn’t about spying on family or employees, it is much more that than – it is a useful tool that can be used by anyone. It is free to set up and easy to use.

With just one Hoverwatch account you can monitor all your Windows PC, Mac computers and Android devices. One of the best features of the Hoverwatch Smartphone Tracker is the invisibility feature, which allows you to monitor all the devices without the user being aware of it. That way, if you are using technology to gather data and information, the results you receive will be genuine. If a user knows their system is monitored it can affect the way they behave, the sites they search or the text messages they send.


The Geolocation feature means that you can track the location of the handset using cell towers and wi-fi hotspots, and therefore the user of the handset making it ideal for use on a child’s phone. You can check that your child is safely where they are supposed to be, where they are if they are not home by curfew or even where the phone is if it has been lost or stolen. It even works if the sim card has been removed or replaced. Thus, this is the ultimate tracker for parents who wish to spy on child phone activities.

If you are worried that your child may be in contact with someone that they shouldn’t be, either through social media or text message then you can track all their incoming and outgoing calls and texts using the Hoverwatch mobile tracker. Not only can you read texts but you are also able to view images that are being sent and received. This can offer you peace of mind that your child is safe and using their smartphone responsibly.

There are so many forms of communication these days, and children find using Facebook and WhatsApp just as easy as making a call. Without Hoverwatch, you would not be able to monitor your child’s conversations easily. You would have to physically take your child’s phone to check messages which to children can be very upsetting and thought of as an invasion of privacy. Hoverwatch can alleviate the upset of this by allowing you to monitor the handset when you need to without being so obvious about it. Your child gets to keep their feeling of independence while you get to keep your child safe.

Online safety is a high priority for most parents, and Hoverwatch covers every aspect of it. The system is free to use, simple to download and install and once up and running you can monitor your children from a distance. Whether it is the child’s smartphone or their laptop, you know that all of their online communications are healthy, and that they are safe at all times.

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