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content-linkedin-youtube-facebookIncreasing traffic to someone’s website and then achieving good conversion rate (visitors get convert into buyers) is the MDO (most desired outcome) of online marketing. Since the evolution of SEO, people were trying many tactics (Good as well as shady) to improve their rankings on Google and traffic of course. Not to mention, those old tactics (for example, Cloaking, keyword stuffing on Meta area or Website, use of keyword rich anchor text in link building, link networks etc.) do not work anymore in favor of website’s health or search engine marketing.

Though there are a couple of online marketing steps which result into overall good search engine visibility, rankings and traffic including:

  • Website Design (UI/UX elements)
  • Keyword Choice
  • On Page Optimization
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Branding and more

But here we are going to discuss most challenging and strongest part of SEO, earning back-links. Link building been a solid pillar of SEO success from years but now under the era of Penguin, if not done properly, can result into disaster results for your website. It’s wise not to get involved with-in Willy-nilly link activities. For better link profile and traffic opportunities to website, it’s crucial to pick up pure White Hat methods to get succeeded on their efforts.

It’s obvious that authoritative links will push you out on Top of rankings but how to get these links that do not only solidify your visibility, but also throw ample visitors. Well, for this, all you need to gather a list of top websites in your niche and manage to catch your spot there. Now the question will rise in everyone’s mind that why they will point a link to my website? Yes, they will not for sure until and unless I do not offer them something great for their website or viewers. What I can offer them so that I can get a link back to my web URL – It may be great Content piece, Video, Infographics, Gift-away, Cash or relationship, but you will see traffic increment to a remarkable extent if the website is really good platform under your niche.

Let’s see this with the help of an example– See how Larry Kim from WordStream got valuable link from “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Thanks to great study & research done by them and the beautiful work done on this infographics, he was able to get featured on WSJ.

Things are changing massively in SEO world with the link opportunities, and we are trying to cover-up advanced off page activities including

Skyscraper Technique – Thanks to Brian Dean for giving us this useful resource. The step is all about producing Content and spreading it to the right people, but we are not going to produce content without having proper convention or Plan. It’s about finding existing content that did well in the past, and you are going to product much better than this. Not to mention, people will also like “the new Content piece”. In this way, you will get lots of Likes, Shares, Links and Visits.

Broken Link Building – The concept is about fixing dead links on other domains. Three steps are there:

  1. Finding dead links on Pages, articles or Blog posts on niche based authoritative websites
  2. Searching existing Content or producing new content on our website (Relevant to point a)
  3. Contacting Website owner/administrator to link us

This technique requires some efforts and may take low success rate, but one of the best way to get highly reputed links.

Expert Interview Round-Ups – Trendy way to get back-links!! There are lots of Bloggers or Magazines site who ask for Personal Interviews, Question Round-up or Group interviews. You can participate in those interviews and get mentions to your Brand or Social media profiles there. You can build your personal brand by being interviewed.

But old school techniques still have potential to grab some real links. I do agree with Dave Davies on his opinion with proceeding earning back-links from Directories, Forum participating activities, Guest Blogging or even article sites. Not all article/directory /Forum sites are spam (It depends on Community members /Administrator /moderators that how they are dealing with spam). As far as these sites can drive traffic to your website, there is no issue in getting linked with them.

I reached out to some experts on this topic

“What are some link building strategies which can drive remarkable traffic to one’s website”

and here are their feedbacks –

Ann Smarty (Founder MyBlogU)

I think any legit link building technique drives traffic is traffic is one of the campaign objectives… In other words, when done right link building SHOULD drive referral traffic (because having traffic as a goal makes the whole campaign higher-quality).

One of the obvious link building and traffic-driving tactics is blogger outreach (Offer them some value in terms of content, giveaway, partnership, etc) and they may be happy to review your service and send you traffic. Legit blogger reviews are not easy to get but the outcome is awesome!

David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

If you are looking at pure numbers, you can’t beat StumbleUpon. However, numbers don’t tell the whole story. StumbleUpon will give you occasional huge spikes in traffic for specific content, and these are more often than not fairly low-conversion visitors. So it very much depends on what your website is about. Some types of sites have had a similar experience with Reddit.

As a general rule, links from social media tend to deliver a high volume of ongoing traffic, but you have to keep working it with fresh content and solid networking. Tools like ViralContentBuzz and Triberr and JustRetweet sure help. Private mastermind groups through Skype and FaceBook can also amplify your efforts.

Anna Fox (Blogger)

Forum posting! I never think about links when participating in my favorite forums but many of my posts have been my major sources of referral traffic for ages. For some reason, forum users love clicking on links. I am not sure if forum posting may be even considered a link building tactic anymore but it has definitely been one for ages. This would be my first step as a blogger: Find 4-5 communities in your niche and build you reputation there (takes 2-3 months of daily posting and reading forums for at least one hour each time). When people recognize you, they will click your links! But never, never link-drop: Add value!

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