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The Leading SEO Indicators in 2013

seo-advantagesIn almost every form of progressive industry, indicators are used to analyze data and forecast future performance. From the results that are generated, it is possible to adapt or tailor an existing strategy to achieve more effective results, and this method of working is prevalent across a host of financial, marketing and business disciplines.

Given SEO's standing as a long term strategy, it stands to reason that various indicators should be used to determine the market and establish viable strategies. Even though it appears as though Google is determined to undermine to core purpose and value of SEO in the online space, its constant updates are instead forcing marketers to evolve their techniques and implement precise analytical procedures.

The Leading SEO Indicators:

As any internet marketing agency will testify, the application of technical indicators can lead to enhanced performance, more flexible marketing strategies and more measurable results. With this in mind, it is worth addressing the 3 most important SEO indicators and their value in the current market, so consider the following: –

1. SEO Visibility and Competitive Intelligence

While monitoring your websites SEO performance over time makes perfect sense, it is meaningless if these results are not placed into a relevant context. After all, while your business may be improving its sales conversion rate and level of turnover, this is not as meaningful if your competitors are achieving more substantial results and securing a larger share of the market. More specifically, you cannot make a judgement with regards to the status of your business without adopting a comprehensive overview, and there are numerous analytical tools that enable you to analyze the data at the touch of a single button. By comparing your performance with your competitors on a single screen, you can develop greater perspective and identify genuine opportunities for improvement.

2. The Impact of Acquired Links

If you have adopted a large scale outreach project and conducted in-depth link building campaigns, it is crucial that you are able to determine the end results of these efforts and how they have influenced your businesses link profile. There are a host of tools included on Majestic SEO which can help with this drive, as they use simple and interactive graphics to showcase the progress of your link building efforts and individual outreach campaigns. This is particularly important for businesses that invest financially into their link building projects, as you will be able to review your existing and future budgets according to the results that you record. Most importantly, of course, this indicator can help you to adapt your link building strategies in real time, which in turn will help to maximize their short and long term impact.

3. Domain Authority

Perhaps the single most indicator for your websites SEO performance, domain authority is integral to estimating future search engine performance. Reflecting both the trust of your website and its carefully structured link profile, it can help to identify the behaviour of your user base and their core reasons for visiting your website. While it can fluctuate, the capacity to analyze historical data and draw a significant volume of information helps to guarantee the integrity of your research, ensuring that your efforts do not result in false or inadequate data. Far more insightful that the previously championed page rank, domain authority is a reliable indicator that ultimately reflects the work and efforts that has gone into developing your website, while it also highlights key areas for improvement.

This post was contributed by Laura Cole, who is a marketing professional based in the UK. She writes for industry leaders and maintains a strong interest in the marketplace.

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