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4 Ways to Use SEO Off-site to Bring Them On-Site


Using SEO is a great way to organize and locate information on and off-site.

Your content keywords off-site should follow a similar, if not the exact same, strategy as your on-site SEO.

Doing this makes it easier to bring customers to your content off-site, and transition them into leads on site.

Here are 10 ways to use SEO off-site to bring customers to you.

1) Blogging

Blogging doesn’t always have to happen on your own website, and it’s not a good idea to stop where your web pages end.

Guest blogging is great way to build your credibility. It allows gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge on someone else’s website. This gives you a chance to create a pathway to your website from links on the guest-blog. When you do this, you create a portal from their site to yours.


As you write more content, more portals will open between the sites. This builds the relationship between the two sites, and helps both parties gain traffic.

Try to link to content that shares similar keywords and topics on your website while guest-blogging.

This will help you create credibility and boost your social presence.

This works with your Facebook posts too! Link them to your content!

2) Get Active with Groups

Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups can be great places to use that SEO strategy off-site even more.

As you give solutions to people in the groups, you can link to your content, and other content that answers the questions they ask.

Doing this will help you build credibility through even more link building opportunities.

Make sure you link to other content that isn’t yours too. Showing that you want to help people by giving them useful information, and not simply plugging yourself, helps your personal branding online as a solution figure.

3) Visuals Can SEO Too

Using great infographics is an amazing way to connect with your customers.

Visual stimulation helps attract people through stunning information in a beautiful graphic.

These graphics should have text content that goes with them as a post, and there is your opportunity to SEO your post.

Tie your infographic in with your SEO keywords to attract more people. Posts with visuals have a better chance to take off.

Also, don’t forget to use one of those keywords as the alt text on the image. It helps your SEO rankings on your post!

4) Video Makes a Difference

Videos are a great way to make a splash, and SEO can help your video cause a social flood.

Putting videos in your posts are a great way to connect with your customers with even more personalized content. Videos give you the opportunity to make personal connections and ask amazing questions to your viewers. You can also use your video to ask people to search your website content for more information.

Don’t forget to put your keywords in the text post part of your video post, and don’t forget to put a link to your content too!

5) SEO is for the People, so Stop Stuffing!

SEO is a great tool, but many people go a bit overboard. They start stuffing keywords into their post in the hope that it ranks, but end up hurting themselves in the long run because of the Google SEO rules.

The best way to use your SEO is naturally. Don’t just throw keywords in all willy-nilly in the hopes to rank, keep it natural.

Let’s say your keyword is Affiliate Marketing

The best way to use it is like this:

“Affiliate marketing can make you more money. Affiliate tactics can make your ROI sky rocket.”

Stay away from stuffing, like this:

“Affiliate marketing can make you more money. Affiliate marketing tactics can make your ROI sky rocket.”

Although it sounds natural, Google will read it as a keyword stuff. This will result in a drop in rank from Google.

Just use your keywords in natural ways. If you do it right, your keywords will rank if your links are quality and have their own high rankings.

That’s how you build your ranking and online credibility.

This good advice for on and off-site content.


SEO is a great tool for helping your content gain traffic, but overusing it can be just as bad as not using it at all.

Following these 4 tips will help you use SEO in a way that will help you organically grow your online presence and traffic.

Using SEO can really be a create way to link build with specific words your customers are using.

Have any great tips for off-site SEO content? Share your strategies in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please ask below!