Simple Ways of Improving Your iTunes Ranking with Podcast SEO

podcast-seoPodcast and SEO can be mixed to get some amazing result in your iTunes ranking. However, you have to understand the basic matters that are involved in these two elements and try to match them with each other in a perfect manner. Everyone is talking about and trying their podcast, which is a digital media file. The file can be downloaded from a streaming source of the internet directly. However, very few of them are aware of the fact that it can be used for SEO too. Or in other words, SEO can be used through podcasting to improve the ranking of your iTunes.

This is a simple way of optimization of podcasts. You may be aware of the website and video optimization, but now you can optimize your podcasts with the help of a successful SEO strategy. You just need to know some of the simple yet effective ways of doing so.

Why It Is So Important

Before you start knowing the steps of optimizing your podcast, you must be aware of the reason for applying SEO for the same. An effective SEO strategy can help the small podcasts to compete with the giants of this field. Moreover, the target audiences can find your podcast easily with the help of right SEO process. You need to follow step by step guideline to make the process easier for you.

Know iTunes

First of all, you have to know that where you should get higher ranking for your podcast. Is it Google, Yahoo or any other big search engine? Yes, of course, there is a search engine for which you need that higher ranking. It is iTunes. iTunes is a search engine, and you have to achieve a higher ranking on the same for your podcast. Just like other popular search engines it also has content, index, algorithms and other elements to determine the ranking of various podcasts.

  1. Choose The Right Place: Try to understand which one is going to be the right place for optimization. It is not the home page or the category marked as “Listeners Also Subscribed To”. The optimization is for those who use the iTunes search box to find the podcast.
  2. 2. Think About Your Audiences: This is the rule number one for all types of SEO processes. You have to think about the human audiences first. Think how they prefer to use the search term and see the result. Use those keywords or phrases that are relevant to your podcast and help you in becoming popular.
  3. Have A Memorable Name: Why your audience should remember you? Well, you need to use a memorable name for your podcast so that they cannot forget it or can easily remember it whenever they search it on iTunes. However, you should try to use some keywords in this name as well.
  4. Add Your Talent Too: Do not forget to add your talent to your host name. This simply means you must try to use some relevant keywords with the host name to make it more search-friendly then you can get a better result.
  5. Talk About Your Show: Use the “Description” area carefully. Talk about your show and try to describe the same in easy and simple words for your target audiences. It may not be a great way for affecting your iTunes search, but it can help you a lot in downloading and subscription as well.
  6. Use Amazing Episode Titles: The titles or headlines are very crucial. Since they show up on iTunes you should not ignore them or take them casually. It must be descriptive, creative, informative and keyword-focused. You should start the title with the most important words and make it appealing. Keep the title short because audiences do not like long headlines.
  7. Be Careful About Formatting: The correct formatting is very easy for podcasting SEO. You need to keep it relevant, short and simple. Ensure that people can easily notice it and recommend it to their friends.

As a podcaster, you should be careful about having a daily subscription rate. In many cases, it has seen that the ranking goes higher automatically once the subscription rate becomes augmented. Do not forget to share your podcasts on social media because this is a strong platform and can help you in your iTunes ranking optimization as well.

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