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Why Your Google+ Profile Is Important For Your Website Success

google-plusRunning a website without a full-blown Google+ profile is like living in a home that has no address. If someone wants to come to the home then he could never get there because home is without a address.

Similarly, a visitor or a customer would never come to know that you're running a website unless you've a Google+ profile.

Putting in simple words, you cannot go for a job interview without carrying your resume. Likewise, online visitor is going to judge you on the basis of your profile.

Hence, creating a full-blown Google+ profile for your website is very important to establish an authority online.

Let us discuss why Google+ profile is important for your website.

1. Establish Yourself as an Authority

A complete Google+ profile of yours will allow establishing an authority immediately. If your website is offering information or solutions then people would only visit if they feel what you're offering is genuine.

On the Internet, there are thousands of websites which are offering solutions to same problem that you're. Therefore, to standout from the rest you have to establish an authority online.

Visitors must trust you and regard your website real problem-solver.

Google+ profile can surely help you in doing that.

2. Rank Quickly for New Content in Search Engine

Whenever you're uploading a fresh piece of content to your website then Google+ profile will help Google search engine to rank your website within a couple of hours.

Normally, Google takes weeks even months in some cases to rank a new content on a website. But if you've a Google+ profile then Google would recognize your website easily because it is an authority.

In order to get heavy traffic you have to update content everyday and Google+ profile would allow to rank your content in search engine every time as soon as possible.

3. Get an Idea What is Trending

Google+ profile is a great way to get an idea what is going-on around the world especially in your particular community. You could find out what other authors are talking.

If there is something that is very hot and trending around the world then you could write a blog on that topic. You'll never run out of ideas if you create a Google" profile.

To get heavy traffic on your website you've to write on something which is hot and happening. Thus you will never run out of ideas.

4. Share Your Google+ Profile and Get More Targeted Followers

If you're into affiliate marketing then you may realize the importance of quality traffic. If you're selling products online then your website must receive right kind of traffic. Otherwise you'll not be able to sell a single product.

So, a Google+ profile could help you to get targeted followers or audience. Whenever you create a profile you mention every possible thing about your website. Henceforth, every visitor that will follow your Google+ profile would be certainly interested in your website.

Thus, you get followers which could easily relate to your website. It will definitely make selling easy for you.

5. Google+ Communities for Getting Feedbacks

Feedbacks and comments are the best ways to improve your website. You will receive direct feedbacks about the content on your website.

It will surely help you to improve the content which will be more targeted and address problem faced by readers of your website.

If you're not getting proper feedback then you cannot know what you're writing.

Moreover, other authors and bloggers like you could suggest something that you were oblivious off.

Therefore Google+ profile could help improving your website ‘cause of feedbacks and comments.

6. Make Best Use of YouTube, Google Hangouts and Google TV integration

If you're active on YouTube and Google Hangout then you can easily integrate all videos in Google+ profile and share it to thousands of followers.

Whenever, you're uploading videos you could easily reach out to a large audience instantly. If you've small number of followers on YouTube then you can make best use of Google+ profile.

It will also help to promote your website by the visitors and followers. Therefore Google+ profile can very much help you in dominating the social media space as well.

Instead of depending too much on Facebook you could probably make use of your Google+ profile.

7. Leverage Google+ Profile for SEO Benefits

The ultimate benefit of Google+ profile is SEO. Google search engine would easily recognize your website if you've a full-blown Google+ profile.

Whenever, someone is searching, Google will prefer your website over others if you've a Google+ profile with your photo. In the search result, you might have noticed photos.

Create your profile as soon as possible and let Google to rank your website whenever you upload new content on it. Google+ profile has a great SEO benefit.

8. Find People Like You and Assess Competition

As I said earlier Google+ profile would allow you to build a community of followers. At the same time, you also get to know other bloggers that are promoting their blog.

These bloggers or website owners could be your direct competitors. You can easily find out who else are running websites in your particular niche.

Keep an eye on your competitors and strategize how you are going to take them down.

9. Best to Reach Out Mobile Users

Google+ profile could be used to target mobile users. In future, there will be more mobile users than desktop.

Therefore, you need to target handheld devices from now on and Google+ profile is an easy way.

Google will help you to target mobile users.

10. Create a Unique Brand for the Website

Finally, Google+ profile is a great way to build a unique brand for your website. Every website owner and blogger knows the importance of a brand.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a company for building your brand you can create a unique brand on your own with the help of Google+ profile.

You can leverage this platform and establish presence of your brand online. In fact, it is very easy to use.

Remember Google+ profile or any other profile is a great way to create a brand of yours.

Priya Nagrale contributed this article. She is running Jobs8Home blog where she writes about make money online, small business ideas, blogging etc.

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