A Definitive Guide To Being A Digital Sharecropper

If you are reading this article, you have probably heard the term “digital sharecropping” before. This term describes an important element of Web 2.0. To break this down in latent terms, sharecropping is a unique type of farming in which individuals or families rent plots of lands from landowners. In other words, the landowner agrees to let a single or few farmers work their land in exchange for a portion of the profit generated from the crops.

Digital Landowners

While landowners are real people who own land, digital landowners are considered social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. All of these platforms allow people to post written content to their personal pages. Like farmers who rent land from landowners, social media users do not have any control over social media platforms. The owners are in full control of what is and aren’t posted on their social media platforms. And, once the content is posted to the social media platform, it becomes public.

Digital Sharecropping

When you rely on social media platforms to bring awareness to your brand, you are sharecropping. The landlord, Facebook, YouTube or Reddit, will hopefully support your business idea and allow you to continue utilizing their platform.

Sharecropping Risks

Like traditional sharecropping, digital sharecropping comes with risks. One risk is the possibility of the social media platform being terminated in the future. When you consider how big some of these platforms are, it is difficult to think about them being terminated. However, some social media platforms that are not as powerful as the top names. So, you could spend a lot of time creating content for these websites and it would be all for nothing in the end.

The top social media websites are continuously changing. These changes are designed to make improvements. With that said, the regulations and terms of services are also changing. To avoid violation penalties, you will need to know the regulations before you start utilizing the service. In addition to this, you will need to watch for updates in terms of service. Most social media platforms will issue notifications every time they update their terms of services.

Sharecroppers Tend To Risk It All

The top social media websites work diligently and hard to find practical technologies that will improve their platforms. This is necessary to keep up with the going trends and to meet the demand of members. These improvements will ensure the social media platforms stay vibrant and healthy. Unfortunately, some social media platforms that will fail miserably because of the lack of funding and technology.

Sharecroppers that invest a lot of time and money in creating a website to post on a specific social media platform is taking a lot of risks. Creating content for a website that you own is not half as risky as digital sharecropping because you are in full control. For example, you create a gaming website like Sbobet88, you have control of every aspect of the operation.

Is Digital Sharecropping Good For Businesses?

Digital Sharecropping is crucial to building brand awareness. It can also be helpful in customer service. Yes, sharecropping is good for businesses. Without digital sharecropping, online businesses would struggle to enter new markets, stay in touch with their audiences and grow their customer bases.

Benefits Of Facebook Harvesting

Posting some of your content on Facebook might seem like a waste. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it could pay off dividends in the future. After all, there is always a chance that you’re going to be able to generate more traffic to your website. With a single share, you might be able to accumulate as many as 1,000 visits. And, you can push your post likes higher as well. To get the best results, you should try sharing 1 or 2 articles to your Facebook page each day.

As long as you play your cards right, this could help you generate millions of unique visits to your site. Plus, you’ll be able to build your website as a brand. Therefore, sharing your crop on Facebook can be very helpful.


At the end of the day, being a digital sharecropper can be tough. It comes with some drawbacks. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial as long as you know what you’re doing. If you want to be a success as a digital sharecropper, you need to make sure that you’re using the right platforms. Make sure that your platform of choice is not going to go down. Otherwise, your hard work will be wasted.

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