Top Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019

Social media is a platform to enhance the business easily without an employee you can allow the strategy to complete it. Many social media platforms are available on the internet. Each one has its separate way to approach the customers. At the beginning of app such as facebook, Instagram was built for texting and chatting but later on, it converted into a marketing platform.

These companies were majorly earning through the advertisement. The business has started to study the work with social media platforms to engage with their customers. Each platform can enable by following a strategy to control and maintain the profile and advertisement.

To maintain the customer in appropriate sync, there is a requirement of some tools to engage and track the behavior of them. By knowing their movement, it is easy to find out the requirement for their future. Thus you can set a plan according to their movement. Many tools are available on the internet to enhance the solution but it is important to follow the responsive tool which functions with ease and understand to analyze the pattern of the visitors. Thus I have given the top tools on the internet to enhance your business and ease the performance.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a tool to control the various social media platforms for scheduling and posting the post to the respective social media. Compare to Hootsuite, the buffer version is low expensive. Many users were using the buffer to control their time and content as per the requirement because you cannot post at every time, you have waited for the exact time to create awareness on your customers.

You can also name it as marketing timer. It also allows three versions of paid services such as the pro version are cost under $15, the premium version is costs under $65 and the business version is available at $99. You may wonder that buffer offers a free version to their clients for three platforms for limited control. Each version has filled with an update to promote your advertisement in a capable point to reach your customers or clients. Thus buffer is an amazing tool for scheduling the task for social media platforms.

2. Hootsuite

It is another tool like buffer but the popularity of this tool is higher than the buffer. It is due to its performance and the features it showcases for the customers and clients’. The dashboard of creating the report of your analytics is a plus point of this tool. It enables the user to track the behavior of their customers. Many users have claimed that the cost is high when compared to other tools but the performance is high when comparing the other tools.

As per the cost, Hootsuite allows the pro version with around $45 up to a year with $540 and the limit is only 1 user to operate it. The user engagement is high compared to other tools. It eases the function to perform and the tracking procedure with its dashboard sticks an advantage to the tool. Thus the Hootsuite also allows the user to use free version up to 3 channels and can post up to 30 scheduled posts.

3. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor is a powerful tool offered by facebook. It is specialized to work and run social ad campaigns. The campaign is an important landmark for your awareness. Thus it consists of many aspects such as framing the content, using the appropriate vocabulary, branding, etc. Each factor is important to analyze the movement of improvement in your business. Even it consists of features like facebook insights; it allows the user to target the exact required amount of customers.

By knowing the charge of the requirement with benefits allows you to save your bucks. Thus try to promote the ads by using features according to certain factors like age, location, gender, profession, etc. Many aspects have to be considered when you perform with the campaign to suggest your brand. Each movement is important to carry out your profile to look like a higher engagement. The dashboard of the editor will enroll in the complete history of your strategy movement.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool created by Google. It allows the user to track the behavior of the visitors to your websites. Thus when you link the social media platforms to your site enables you to track the movement of the customers. Tracking the data through analytics is an impeccable view on this Google analytics dashboard.

Maintaining the data into a proper frame can lead to a high reach. Thus this tool always cracks the complete solution to your digital business. It determines many features to acquire such as customer engagement, behavior, and even it displays the engagement based on the location category that you have used to market.

You can know more details about Google Analytics through its official site or many youtube videos. The official site offers you a certification program to enhance the level of knowledge on Google analytics and also it is free to use so that you can easily learn the function.

5. Bitly

It is a tool used to service based on the link management and URL shorter. At the beginning level, it has been used to emails, social networking, SMS, etc. The main purpose of using this tool is to increase brand awareness. And also it helps to track the metrics that you have been used in marketing. This tool is free can just log in by signing up but to increase the feature there is a paid version that allows you to handle advanced features. It costs around $500 per month.


Social media have enormous usage and technique to approach customers. The requirement of social media marketing is high and demanding by many of the companies. To be familiar with various platforms of social media you have to know certain tools that will enhance your business. I hope the above tools might help you to give importance to social media.

If you have any questions, please ask below!