6 Best WordPress Plugins To Drastically Improve Blog Engagement

To provide high-quality, relevant content is essential for blog success. However, sometimes it’s just not enough. According to Hosting facts, more than 4 million blog posts get published daily. Having in mind that this number is constantly growing, there’s also an increasing need for tools that will make blogs more visible and more attractive to the target audience. Plus, you there are certain plugins that help your audience reach out to you in real-time. Such tools include live chat plugin for WordPress websites that allows integration of other platforms to help you build a brilliant platform where readers can reach out to you and receive prompt messages to revisit a blog again.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to list some of the essential plugins that you should take into account when trying to improve blog engagement. Read on and find out how to get the most out of a diversity of great WordPress plugins.

So, What WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss?

#1. Soliloquy

Every blog needs to have its content properly featured to be able to attract the visitors’ attention. Not only does it improve their visual impression of your blog, but it also lets them access the content easily.

To be sure your content gets featured attractively, you should consider using Soliloquy. This engaging slider may completely change the way your blog looks! It comes with a diversity of useful features such as:

  • a convenient drag & drop builder,
  • responsive design that suits all types of devices,
  • stunning pre-built templates that you can start using right away.

This great plugin also comes with dynamic sliders that can include not only your blog content but also social media posts, since it can be integrated with Facebook and Instagram. While its FullScreen Lightbox offers you slideshow display in a special mode, Product Slider is compatible with WooCommerce store, and can also help you boost your sales.

Not only does Soliloquy eliminates the need for custom building sliders for your WordPress blog, but it also offers incredible flexibility and optimization possibilities. Not to mention that it’s based on an intuitive interface that’s extremely easy to use.

#2. Monarch

To be able to boost blog engagement, you have to make your blog more visible. One of the most common beginners’ blogging mistakes is not providing sharing buttons or having buttons that, for some reason, don’t do what they should. Not only are these situations disappointing for visitors but also make them leave without spreading the word about your blog.

So, to fix this, you may want to check out Monarch plugin. This plugin offers a reliable sharing system with a diversity of amazing features, such as:

  • Different designs and a large number of placement positions
  • Automated sharing pop-ups and fly-ins
  • Adjustable number, size, and style of sharing buttons
  • Sharing reports and statistics
  • Increased responsivity and fast connections

Covering over 20 social networks, Monarch represents a great way to go. Not only is it fully customizable, but it’s also well-developed in terms of ease of use and intuitive interface.

#1. Bibblio

The best way of making your visitors stay engaged with your website is by offering them visible related content right after they’re done with their current read. And that’s what Bibblio does for you.

Considered one of the best WordPress plugins that deal with related content, this tool lets your relevant posts stand out. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t slow down your blog nor affects the website’s general performance.

In the first place, Biblio offers some highly convenient filters that help you select which posts to display. The most popular or the most relevant ones – it’s up to you. In addition, it can also prioritize your newer posts if you want them more featured than the older ones. In technical terms, it even:

  • Lets you decide if you want the related content placed using shortcode or widget,
  • Automatically applies the post’s heading image for a thumbnail visual which may considerably save your time
  • Offers more than 150 design combinations that will let you customize all aspects of your widget, starting from switching up aspect ratios, all the way to awesome hover effects, etc.

Finally, what makes Bibblio stand out from the other plugins of this type is the way it serves up the relevant content, as well as the ease of use. In addition, it functions perfectly with both standard and customized post formats.

#4. ProProfs Chat

What makes live chat support so amazing is the fact that it lets you instantly interact with your blog visitors. With WordPress chat plugin, you give your blog visitors get in touch with you in case they need additional explanations, instructions, or have other requests. This is especially valuable if you’re using your blog to promote a certain product or service.

And while there are a lot of different live chat products in the market, ProProfs Live Chat Software is proved to offer a pleasant yet efficient experience both for visitors and website administrators. Not only does it let you engage in real-time, but it is pretty simple to use since it has a well-designed minimalistic interface. In addition, it can also provide you with:

  • Incredibly easy and simple step-by-step installation and integration guides
  • A diversity of customizable chat elements
  • Pre-made templates and greeting messages
  • Customer question anticipation as well as canned responses
  • Pre-chat and post-chat surveys when necessary
  • Incredible integration possibilities (Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, etc.)
  • Relevant statistics and reports that can be useful when analyzing your visitors’ experience and blog performance.

Finally, what makes ProProfs Live Chat for WordPress website an ideal solution for your blog is how you also get access to various integrations like Google Analytics and Email Marketing tools. You can easily set your goals to market the blog well among the target audience and send them impactful newsletters to prompt them to read your blogs.

In other words, your work will be reduced to almost nothing as this one-stop WordPress chat plugin will help you reach your target readers faster.

#5. OptinMonster

You’ve probably heard of this plugin for a thousand times. And there are some excellent reasons for its ever-increasing popularity. Considered one of the most powerful lead generation and conversion plugins, OptinMonster has a lot to offer to your blog when trying to boost engagement.

First of all, it lets you skyrocket the number of contacts in your mailing list, letting you set up some awesome highly-customized messages that will make the visitors subscribe. Secondly, it can also be a significant help in increasing the number of your blogs’ page views since it offers a useful redirecting function.

And that’s not all. Not only is it well-developed when it comes to these essential aspects, but it also offers amazing design possibilities.

When it comes to the appearance and position of the forms that you want to use, you can choose among a diversity of options based on drag and drop builder. There are lightbox and mobile friendly popups, as well as different types of opt-in forms (including slide in form, below the content form, sidebar form, etc.).

Last but not least, OptinMonster also offers some amazing conversion-related features. Scroll and times based triggers, exit intent technology, page level targeting, and built-in analytics. These are only some of the features that will leave a substantial impact on your visitors’ engagement.

#6. Yoast

No blog couldn’t benefit from a little bit of SEO magic. And if you still haven’t found the perfect WordPress plugin for your blog, you may want to test the amazing Yoast SEO plugin. Not only does it offer a bunch of possibilities that will improve your blog’s visibility and appearance in social media, but it is also incredibly easy to use.

With Yoast plugin, you get a chance of dealing with a diversity of SEO aspects from a single dashboard:

  • The meta box below the post content lets you enter metadata (including title and description of your post), as well as define the main keyword for your post;
  • The keyword system then analyzes your content having in mind your keyword, and suggest changes if necessary;
  • The plugin lets you define the way the post will appear on Facebook and Twitter (including post title and thumbnail image);
  • It can hide specific content from search engine if you don’t want it indexed, as well as make it visible.

Yoast can give you more control over your blog and make it seem more sleek and appealing to your visitors. However, what may be even more important is that it also performs important background tasks that positively impact your blog’s performance both when it comes to search engines and social media.

Summing Up: Plugins That Help Boost Blog Engagement

Long story short, sometimes the increase in blog engagement is closely related to your blog appearance and performance. So, if you happen to have awesome content but don’t seem to get the most out of it, make sure to check if other aspects of your website are well designed.

In other words, apart from providing great content, you should also have in mind some other factors that make a blog more engaging than the rest. And the chances are that you’ll be able to improve the existing conditions (and, therefore, improve engagement) using well-developed plugins.

So, with a little help from adequate tools, such as Monarch and Yoast, you can make your content more shareable and easily accessible. In addition, you can also work on your communication with your visitors using ProProfs Live Chat Software and OptinMonster plugin. Finally, make sure to improve the navigation through the content using tools that highlight related content, such as Soliloquy and Bibblio.

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