11 Tips to Improve Online Marketing in 2017

Last year was a year marked by changes in the position of Internet, and in 2016 we face now, the trend will continue along the same path.

Everyone digital moves at a vertiginous speed, so holding hands is not the most recommended strategy, whether it is intended to maintain the positions reached so far, as if we are in the process of growth.

We always need to be struggling to be above our competitors, and these Online Marketing tips will help you get it this year :

Take great care of communication with the customer.

Customer Support. Internet allows us two-way communication. Therefore we have to enable as many channels as possible to facilitate communication with the client. Of course, it is not about using everything that we find by hand, but only those means in which we can give an adequate service, or it can be more counterproductive than beneficial.

Keep in mind that in Customer Service channels that we are not able to adequately address we must reject them.

Doubts, setbacks or simply the user wants to check the company before making a decision, hence the importance of impeccably servicing the channels we have determined to allow this communication.

On the other hand, we should never be afraid to talk to our customers, even when it is a problem. He thinks that a problem solved happens to be a simple incidence that the client will value in a very positive way, increasing a few points our Online Reputation

Marketing strategy is not just about selling our product.

Satisfied Customer. I does not know if it happens to you, but to me more and more. And is that I am not interested in any company or brand that how I only greet you when you contact them by various means, whether I offer this or that or follow me here or there that I am the best.

It is clear that the ultimate end is the sale, but we have to keep in mind that the product or service of which we do not find different alternatives to meet our needs is rare. So, it’s about showing the essence of what we sell to get satisfied customers.

Our strategy has to focus more on the value in processing processes, their natural qualities or even their commitments to society, rather than the characteristics of the product itself. That is, the goal we have to achieve is to make the user feel inspired, intelligent and, above all, convinced of the good decision he has made.

We can not just advertise the product, but we have to create a good Content Marketing strategy that includes Information guides, tables or graphs that help us to walk the sales funnel in a natural way.

The fact of counting how the product is made, what its origin is, how the company turns in all processes, etc., will allow our customer not feel that he has just made a purchase, but in Reality is part of something important.

Create a blog, a tool on the rise.

Create a blog. It is surely an option you have heard on many occasions! It is certainly a very useful tool that helps us to achieve the objectives of the previous point and also benefits us when positioning ourselves in an organic way since it will allow us to periodically update our website which is one of the things that most have in Account the main search engines.

The creation of fresh and updated content is going to be the best strategy, not only to capture new users to our website, but you will get the users who visit us to repeat it again. As you see a blog is not that important, but entirely necessary as an Online Marketing Tool for this year.

So far we have it clear, but with the large amount of content that exists on the network or we stand out or we will not go anywhere. We have to distance ourselves, be different and focus our contents on valuing the differences of our product or service.

Diversification as a means of standing out from the rest.

Diversification. We must go beyond content based solely on text and start investing in video, graphics, surveys and unique images.

The trend of new generations is a considerable increase of everything related to the visual so a good alternative will be to integrate multiple types of content in our articles.

Segmentation and personalization.

Segmentation. A priority we must add to our Online Marketing plan for this year is to direct our efforts to make each customer feel unique and special.

We must design our strategies with a focus on the client. Keep in mind that the objective that we must pursue is that each of them feels special in the relationship that maintains with us and, for that, we must make the maximum effort in the personalization of our campaigns.

One way to exceed customer expectations is by giving a little more than they expect, be it an additional service, free product or even a gift. This will depend on each company. What is certain is that if we exceed your expectations, we will not only have won a client, we will almost certainly get a prescriber, and best of all, it will help us to distance ourselves from our competitors with the advantages that this entails.

Build relationships with people.

Build Relationships. We are all aware of the importance of quality links to our website. Companies should seek communication by building relationships with people to generate good feedback on them. This, in the long run, will always report that they talk about us and link us from other websites.

An intelligent way to build relationships with people is to follow them through the different media we have on the network and not stop sharing their content as long as they are able to generate interest in our community.

The analysis becomes of vital importance.

Analysis of results. In today’s world, companies need analysis to develop the most effective marketing strategies.

It is very important to get a real view of what is happening in our conversion funnel, that our marketing strategy tactics are giving results and which ones we must improve to achieve our goals.

A good analysis of our visits will help us determine where we should make greater efforts in our investments, both economic and time, and to cut or even dismiss those that do not deliver the expected results.

One thing is clear: a campaign that does not know where it fails is tough to put the means to rectify those failures that are reducing the potential benefits.

In transparency is the key.

Transparency. Businesses will have to take into account the importance of trust, and this can only be achieved through a good policy of transparency, a great tool much maligned to judge by what I see on the net.

It is essential to focus on the client since, without him, we have no way of surviving. The sooner we assume this reality, the better it will be for our interests. We must expose our conditions in a transparent way, free of all jargon and without small print, is the only way to convince users afraid to make the purchase.

Do not forget about Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing. If we do not want to slow the growth of our brand, we have to take into account the mobile telephony in our Digital Marketing plans.

In 2016 it is anticipated that users surfing the Internet through their mobile phones surpass those who do it from desktop devices. It is nothing new: this trend has been observed for some time and is that more and more consumers are associated with brands through their mobile devices, and these have to ensure that customers will remain faithful through These means.

Companies need to act quickly to keep up with these users, as they love sharing interesting content through social media and it is a priority to create campaigns that take these characteristics into account to generate good results.

Focusing on mobile websites, applications are not profitable.

Mobile apps. I recently read that only 2% of the applications are profitable and I would dare to overtake that over time that percentage will be lower.

It is true that in the last couple of years have become fashionable, everything seemed perfect, you just have to convince the user to install and ready.

However, reality, as I say, is very stubborn and always ends up imposing. Once you consume the resources of the phone arrives the moment you have to opt for the most drastic option, uninstall them. This is corroborated by the high uninstallation rates that are being suffered by the major brands. As this happens, mobile browsers are improving and becoming more effective.

In the coming year a change of brands towards mobile web is foreseen , so we will have to continue to focus our efforts on SEO to improve the results of the search engines that will remain the great asset of marketing, along with the Payment campaigns that also need a web adapted to mobile as we discussed before.

Leverage the full potential of Email Marketing.

E-mail Marketing. Although some are determined to give it a go, Email Marketing was and still is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

We only have to take into account one fact: 91% of people check their mail daily.

Using a correct Email Marketing strategy will allow us to highlight and get the attention of our customers, reach new ones and generate new business opportunities.

You can take advantage of this medium to promote our Content Marketing, which we have commented before, or to get the marketing campaigns we put into action in a totally personalized and targeted way, to set an example.

What we should always keep in mind is the design, freshness, imagination and, above all, the legality and seriousness of our campaigns if we really want our Email Marketing strategy to be effective.


Many business owners, when you talk about Online Marketing, only come to mind the numbers of followers of this or that social network, the times they have shared a tweet, etc. You could say they are obsessed with quantity rather than quality.

However, it is not just Social Networks and the number of followers, it is all a strategy game that we have to design in a professional way to align our entire plan with our business objectives.

These are the tips I give you for this year, but I would love to use the comments section to expose yours.

If you have any questions, please ask below!