Why Blogging Is Important for Business

Why blogging is important

You have started your own business, created a great website and have introduced your company to the internet world. Awesome! What Next?

Everybody completes the first few quintessential steps for the beginnings of a business, and after the initial exhilaration, begin fretting about insufficient customers or business deals. Why? What are we missing here? Have we not designed our website in the best way possible with excellent data and thoughtfully SEO optimized data?

The answer is NO – it is not enough. Google is a highly intellectual system today, that functions on the competition between websites in terms of superlative, relevant and fresh content, SEO optimization and equally important – the interlinking in a website. One simple solution to enhancing all the above would be creating a section for blogs within your website.

One may consider blogs to be insignificant for small or local businesses, maybe even a waste of time, money and energy to create extra content for their websites. In reality, thoughtfully curated blogs are capable of bringing more online traffic to your website, which has been observed by statistics to having a higher percentage of conversions. Would you like to know why? Read on.

  • Brings more eyes to your website

Thoughtfully created content that is relevant to your business brings an element of humanity to your website. It exhibits the personal side of your business, creating a deeper connection with your existing as well as prospective customers. Blogs relate more details about your business and give you reasons to personally touch the interests and problems faced by the general populace. It hence, increases the probability to capture the interest of a wandering eye, ultimately leading them to your website.

  • Application of long-tail keywords

Using short and specific keywords in the content like “Nike’s shoes” is very unlikely to be specifically searched for, which is why long tail keywords like “Best running shoes of Nike” need to be used more. These long tail keywords increase the visibility of the blogs, and its chances of appearing on search engine results pages, hence increasing traffic. Depending on the quality of your content, the chances of your blogs gaining increased shares on social media are also higher.

  • Gaining authority in the industry

The perks of enriching your blogs with content that enlightens the readers with the intricacies of your business and answering their frequently asked questions are extremely high. You slowly gain credence in the industry and however small your business is, readers will turn to your website for more and more information. It creates a significant difference in your efforts to reach out to the world.

  • Better SEO with higher interlinks

The more blogs you have on your website, the more interlinking you create. The interlinking gives reason for search engines to index your website, hence improving the chances of your website appearing on the search engine results page. There is also a bigger chance for other bloggers to create backlinks to your blog post as reference, or to gain your attention. This also helps with SEO optimization to a great deal.

  • Connect with existing and new customers

Maintaining regularity in your blog posts with fresh and relevant content would keep your customers constantly engaged. An active comment section may also help you connect with the readers, accept their feedback, suggestions or answer queries, strengthening that bond. A dedicated and happy customer would definitely up your chances of being shared and eventually promoted online.


So you can see, how blog posts can make a huge difference in your business through the internet world. Blogs differentiate you from your competitors, and gives your customers a reason why they should choose you. Even if you do not have the resources to create good blog posts, there are numerous agencies out there with experienced writers to do so for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to effortlessly up your on-site traffic and credibility. And do let us know how blogs have helped your business in the comments below.

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