Ways to make a logo

What Role Does Logo Designing Play in Creating Brand ImageLogo is a Greek concept and literally translated it means “word” and “imprint”. This sign is the face of the organization, distinguishes it in a huge number of similar ones, in a certain niche in the market.

The main functions of the trademark:

  • focusing on the main characteristics and mission of the enterprise;
  • creating a contact with the audience;
  • providing information about services or goods;
  • creating a certain symbolic perception in the consumer.

The main task of a trademark is to distinguish the company’s services or products from others in the same industry. In addition, the officially registered logo serves as a kind of protection against forgery, can act as evidence in court proceedings with unscrupulous competitors. Consumers of products and partners perceive the trademark as a quality guarantee. And its replacement reduces the popularity of the brand, undermines customer trust, reduces sales and demand for services.

General requirements for the logo:

  1. Do not use incongruous colors and do not combine more than two or three.
  2. Avoid a font with unreadable spelling of words. It will probably look original, but no one will be able to read it, the name will not be remembered.
  3. Study your competitors. Even if you really like the option, but they already have similar ones – refuse. This is not so much a question of originality as of financial losses. For example, you will conduct active advertising campaigns, and the flow of customers will not get to you, because you failed to make a clear positioning.
  4. Don’t be small. Neither with letters, nor with graphics. In addition to placing the logo on the site, you will use it in other formats, for example, on business cards. Small details will simply merge into one spot.

Ways to create a logo online

There are quite a lot of services designed to help us create a logo for a website or company on the Internet. Below we will look at some of them. The beauty of such websites is that working with them turns into almost automatic production of symbols.

  • Turbologo – service for quick creation of simple logos. It is characterized by the laconicity of the design of the finished images and ease of operation. The main advantage is that the logo can be created completely free of charge.
  • ONLINELOGOMAKER is a simple resource for creating different logos. You can choose the color, font and icon, as well as add your own image. The logo can be uploaded in PNG format.
  • Logomakr is a resource for self–development of logos. Using icons, geometric shapes and text, you create your logo.
  • Graphicsprings is a convenient constructor that allows you to create a logo in 1 minute. After selecting the appropriate option and making changes, you will be able to see how the logo will look on a T-shirt, folders, notebooks and on the website.

Before creating a logo online, keep in mind that:

  • The logo should be simple (the simpler it is, the easier it is to distinguish it from the mass of others).
  • A sign is more than a set of elements. He conveys the idea of the company and carries a special message.
  • The logo must be associated with the product.
  • The sign should be made unique so that its elements do not resemble other logos.
  • All components of the logo (shades, fonts, graphic symbols) should look great on any medium (both on a monitor and on paper).


All the services presented in this article differ from each other in the appearance of the created material and the complexity in its development. At the same time, they all cope well with their duties and allow you to get the desired result fairly quickly. And remember – the logo accommodates everything. And your hopes, and the aspirations of target customers, and the whole world is in the dynamics of change. The success of your business begins with the graphic perfection of the logo.

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