10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ads

  1. Hit the Bull’s Eye

An ad is not just an ad. I’m sure you know that but let me elaborate. Just because you are selling custom-made handbags for women does not necessarily mean that they will buy them. How you present the ad for the handbags matters and will determine whether people will actually take the bait and buy your handbags or they’ll just tap, see what’s there, and swipe to the next thing.

Make your ads as moving as possible by appealing to the emotions of your audience. Be as specific as possible about what people stand to gain by investing in your product. For instance, if you make your handbags using recycled material, let your audience know that they’ll be contributing to preserving the environment by buying your handbags. That’s a more motivating call to action than just posting handbags for sale. By the way, even indicating that your handbags are ‘custom made’ is emotionally appealing because it says you got talent and people will be promoting your skills by buying them.

It doesn’t have to be handbags, just touch your audience deeply. You’ll sell better that way (whatever it is you are selling).

  1. Make the most of Facebook’s Custom Audience

This feature is useful for targeting a specific audience. Learn more about it and make the most of it because it will save you money and enable you to reach just the audience you need at the moment. It will help you avoid showing ads to those you’ve already reached to in live campaigns since most of them will be irrelevant.

  1. Pixel Data Matters

Pixel data is very useful for checking the activity on your site like who is shopping or visiting your website. It is ideal for learning more about your audience and the kind of market that is interested in your products or services.

  1. Take Apart And Analyze Demographics Data

Use Pixel data to learn as much as possible about your audience and consider Facebook Audience Insights, which offers a more specific angle of your audience; for instance, their relationship status, education, political preferences, ethnicity, among others. Using the handbag example, this data could help you determine who are interested in your products and how you could better appeal to them.

  1. How are you doing?

Look at the performance of your Facebook advertising campaign and learn from it. If things are fine, know why they are fine so that you can either maintain that status or enhance it to get even better results. If things are not well, then something is off and you need to make the necessary adjustments. Every second counts, so you want to act immediately.

  1. Sales outweigh Metrics

Your Facebook ad campaign has an end goal, which is to sell something. If you are only after traffic and you are getting more than enough of it, good. However, if your ultimate goal is to sell your custom-made handbags, then that is what your ad campaign should be doing; making you money by getting people to buy your handbags. If it has been a while and you’ve gotten all the traffic in the world but you haven’t sold a single handbag, then your ad campaign is failing. Something somewhere needs adjusting and you should find out what, unless you want to be staring at your beautiful handbags on some shelf after they’ve collected a few years of dust. The only metrics that matters is sales.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are successful ad campaigns.

For your ads to be successful, they need time, patience, and above all, a working strategy. The point here is simple; take your time to develop a good strategy. Study your market and determine what works and what doesn’t. This will take time and patience. Don’t rush things and don’t expect the best results immediately. Remember, patience in time, grass becomes milk.

  1. Ads of the Season

Halloween was the other day and the holidays are around the corner. Take advantage of this and tailor your ads according to the season at hand. This will require some initiative on your part and early planning. Right now, you should be considering the holidays and how your ads will do then. How can you take advantage of that season? How will it affect your ad campaign?

  1. Rush hour

Another item you can take into account is when your audience is mostly available. You want your ads to show when they are most effective. For example, most people are likely to be on Facebook in the evenings, lunch hours, and at the weekends. Plan to have your ads available during these moments or other periods that you determine, to get the most out of them.

  1. The Celebrity Method

It’s as simple as that; if you have acquired a loyal fan base, then they are the best people to target with your ads. They already know and like you, so chances are that whatever it is you are selling, they may develop an interest in it, and even if they won’t buy directly, they will think of you when they know someone who’ll benefit from your products or services.

If you have any questions, please ask below!